2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Watching on TV the Monaghan manager O Rourke and one of his assistants who was very agitated were onto Coldrick and then a person in what looked like an Ulster Council jacket nodded at Coldrick and he sent MDMA to the sin bin.
Common sense may have prevailed yet it may not be provided for in the rule book!
Yes harsh on MDMA as he is penalised for McDaids transgression but in the spirit if not the letter of the law we must go down to 14 men for 10 minutes.
Wonder if you could have sent on MDMA and taken off some one else!!?? Still complies with the spirit of the law!!


Any Referee that I work with at higher levels will always ask you if you saw anything and if you did, what EXACTLY did you see? And they generally don’t even tell you specifically what they saw so as not to lead you, as it should be.


Watching on TV it was noticeable that Monaghan seemed to be targeting the head in the tackle particularly on the first half.
Might be something to do with the fact that it’s not a black card offence as far as I know??
And if hidden from ref or done slyly like McCarron may go unpunished or yellow card at worst as happened to McCarron.
Also was MDMA blood sub not caused by a strike to his face??
And to think I heard or read something in the lead up to Sunday that refs had been told to clamp down on targeting the head!


All inter county umpires are now trained at provincial and national level


Last free awarded to Monaghan was a poor decision I felt, the forward charged, bought it well.


I would think that is acceptacle. Down a man for 10 mins is the ‘punishment’ and MDMA was not carded.


Since when are the umpires Mic’d up?

I don’t think they are. The linesmen certainly are but I’ve never seen an earpiece on an umpire. Also the recent documentary on GAA referees showed only the radio communication between the officials and made no mention of the umpires being mic’d up.

Isn’t that why they stand with their hand in the air to attract attention of the ref.


In Croke Park all officals including umpires are mic’d up.

In most county grounds where the county board have a kit all officials and at least 1 umpire at each end will be mic’d up.

And the trend happening now is referees are bringing their own set of radios to use and have all officials mic’d up.

Common enough now a days at games at national level and high level club games. The standing with the hand out is when no mics are available. When mics are available, ala the game in Clones you will see the referee go into umpires without seeing the hand out.

Having the mics allows the umpires to assist the referee with instances that could be happening off the ball behind his back as each umpire has a 1/4 of the pitch that the need to monitor.


Umpires have less to do these days when not reporting on Diarmuid Connolly retaliating.


There you go, I was completely oblivious to the fact they were mic’d up. Very interesting, you’ve enlightened me.

Came across this article just now… it’s not a bad read actually, doesn’t mention the microphones funny enough but a few pictures in the article clearly show the umpires mic’d up.


I’ve been mic’d up whilst Umpiring in Parnell Park. On the other hand, O’Toole Park is from the 12th century.


Agree that this is by far the most difficult year for us, but that’s the way it should be I suppose

By top class I mean good enough to start big games for us. Murchan has already done it, and shown he’s reliable and all the rest. I believe Lowndes could be if he was to start regularly. Same for Byrne, injuries have prevented him from kicking on. And McMahon as one with serious potential. Forgot to mention the Crokes contingent, O’Connor et al. Problem for the ‘maybes’ is big game exposure. It’s hard to find.


That would be a fairly ruthless exploitation of a gap in the rules, tbh I’d say it’s more coincidence than anything else. Difficult day for every skill particularly tackling. Clones was fairly raucous, no one was giving an inch.

They’re clamping down on it in hurling only afaik. See Kelly on Saturday night. Really should be looked at in football first imo


Same every in January sending off for nothing. Come August they be lads pulling helmets off each other and wont be reprimanded.


Christ @Stato82 - think of the kids


That’s fair enough. The management will keep them around . However at some point Dublin will need them to start. In my view the jury is still out on whether they could carry the forward line as well as the current incumbents

Let’s put it another way. Con O Callaghan has also passed them out … He’s not a utility player.


Re Monaghan v Dublin

I distinctly remember looking at the subs bench in 2017 and thinking the cavalry were there if needed - and they were needed - and they delivered.

Last Sunday I looked at the bench and tbh saw very little cavalry. And we needed them. Granted there were a host of stars not available … but big decisions will have to be made regarding who we want the cavalry to be this year. Both benches below.

Subs: 2017
15.Bernard Brogan (St. Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan Ruadh) for McHugh (34)
23. Diarmuid Connolly (St. Vincent’s) for Scully (H-T)
22. Jack McCaffrey (Clontarf) for Reddin (41)
21. Paul Mannion (Kilmacud Crokes) for McManamon (46)
6. Cian O’Sullivan (Kilmacud Crokes) for Connolly (black card, 50)
20. Michael Darragh MacAuley (Ballyboden St. Enda’s) for Flynn (64).

Subs: 2019
D Daly for Mullally (49),
R Basquel (0-2) for Flynn (49),
C McHugh for Rock (51),
C O’Connor for Macauley (56),
P Andrews (0-1) for Costello (61).


Ahh stop being so negative and have some faith in Jim and the lads! :wink:


But that was the last league game of the season - so the bench was going to be stronger.

for comparison - Team in 2017 for opening league fixture.


  1. Stephen Cluxton (Parnells)

  2. Michael Fitzsimons (Cuala)

  3. Eric Lowndes (St Peregrine’s)

  4. Philly McMahon (Ballymun Kickhams)

  5. James McCarthy (Ballymun Kickhams)

  6. John Small (Ballymun Kickhams)

  7. Jack McCaffrey (Clontarf)

  8. Michael Darragh MacAuley (Ballyboden St Enda’s)

  9. Brian Fenton (Raheny)

  10. Jason Whelan (Ballymun Kickhams)

  11. Ciaran Kilkenny (Castleknock)

  12. Niall Scully (Templeogue Synge-Street)

  13. Paul Mannion (Kilmacud Crokes)

  14. Kevin McManamon (St Jude’s)

  15. Dean Rock (Ballymun Kickhams)


  1. Cormac Costello (Whitehall Colmcille) for McManamon (42)
  2. Colm Basquel (Ballyboden St-Enda’s) for Whelan (45)
  3. Eoghan O’Gara (Templeogue Synge-Street) for Mannion (55)
  4. David Byrne (Naomh Olaf) for Fitzsimons (58)
  5. Ciaran Reddin (St Maur’s) for MacAuley (62)
  6. Conor McHugh (Na Fianna) for Rock (69)


That’s very valid and I did mean to mention it. Nonetheless I think it’s fair to say that we did seem a good bit stronger all round two years ago. Older lads have got older and the fringe has largely stated the same.