2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Don’t think succession in the backs will go as badly as some here have predicted. But concerns are natural anyway. David Byrne has had an awful run with injuries but could still be top class. As can McMahon from Raheny,and he’s a central player. Murchan already is top class, and Lowndes is very solid too. Was impressed with him yesterday. I prefer Howard at HF too but it looks likes he’s gonna play further back. We’re not short up front especially when Connolly returns in a week or two :slight_smile:


I commented yesterday on the carry on yesterday. Someone above has hit the nail on the head. The biggest problem on field is how poor the referees are overall, not whatever caused to them to bring in these experimental rules. I know it’s a thankless the job, but it has to be done right. Neither Dublin card was black. 2 yellows, yes. McCarron had to walk. Shocking action, considering how much head injuries/collisions to the head are in the public consciousness (no pun intended) at present. McCarron had 4/5 seconds at least to not do what he did. He’s actually a fine player, sweet left peg on him. But that action and his diving throughout is a disgrace.


Maybe sometime in the future the CCCCCCCCCCCCCC will look at simulation and punish such sh1t.


Just to add to what others have said, I found the Monaghan people around me at the game to be decent folk, enjoyed the trip if not the result.


They’ll have to I reckon. Problem is it’s not highlighted on tv as much as it needs to be. Even in soccer over in England, the FA haven’t done enough imo. Should be a nuclear response I reckon, give as long a ban as for striking if found guilty. It’s awful to watch.


Already 3 referees (two Linesmen are also trained refs) and now you want 4. There are also 4 Umpires which makes 1 official for every 4 players. Surely the first port of call is to get the Referee and linesmen working together. i.e one linesman watching a half each half and working with the referee. How often you see the referee talking to umpires (non Trained) instead of linesmen (Trained ) who have nothing more to do than run up and down the line and hold a flag for the 2 or 3 balls that go over their line line. Yesterday they could not even handle the black card issue in the Dublin game.


Some are trained and I would like to see the Referees using the Umpires a lot more. What’s the point of having an additional FOUR sets of eyes and not using them? If players realised that they were liable to be reported more there would be less messing and skill will win out.


Don’t think they can now. He got booked for it.


A lot of umpires are current or ex referees. At the top level it is few and far between that the umpires are just mates of the referee.

Referees do use umpires a bit over radio. It may not be seen by the crowd but it happens. Referee goes into umpires when wanting to have a full uniterupted conversation that may break up or be hard to hear over radio.


I think Malachy Clerkin was worried more about time-wasting tactics outside of the rules. Players aren’t stupid, they’ll be looking to eat into those 10 minutes anyway they can. Will be interesting to see how the sin bin develops.

Re. Joanne on Brolly, yeah, saw that. Thought she pulled on the reins pretty well. Bit like the classroom messer testing the limitations of what he can get away with, with the new teacher!


I couldn’t agree Murchan is already top class- but he’s certainly well ahead of all the others except Howard.
Lowndes has yet to really do it on a consistent basis. Still has time. Howard looks a serious prospect at 6. David Byrne has been good rather than spectacular. Mc Mahon … long way to go there

In my view the potentials crew ( Costello, Mc Hugh, Lowdnes, Mulally, Mc Mahon etc) is all underlined by Brian Howard. He’s years younger and a mile ahead of all of them.

The question could be if they were going to do it they’d have done it before now. But let’s see - it’s a big big year for some of them.

this year will be a lot tougher then last year. Everyone wants to see Dublin fail. And it may even spill into the officiating. .


Most umpires bring used at Inter County games are also Ref’s themselves. So, really you have 8 if you include the 4th official.


It’s hard to judge inside forwards in weather and pitches like the weekend. Costello and McHugh, both vying for the same inside replacement position is a difficult thing to try get ahead on. We’ve got to a point now that anytime Costello doesn’t go well it appears to be assumed he might not have it. He really needs a sustained run but so do another 3 or 4 lads but its clear they all won’t get it if any do in the short term. Rock, Mannion and Con are exactly getting on and Andrews and Maccer have been there and done it.

Howard is undoubtably top quality but his versatility helps him and there was a place last year in the half forward line. I also think Lowndes has the goods to be a regular.


Hard game to take anything from yesterday , At times in first half we were fantastic and other times worked our way into great positions but just made poor final decisions ( which is unlike us ) , add to that Monaghon punished us for every opportunity we squandered , a few which which MDMC was guilty of being involved in.
But its only January, guys are just getting back to full fitness and would be lacking sharpness ,throw in that you are missing Cluxton, Philly, Cian, Jack , Jamesie and Kilkenny in a game like this and its going to show.
I was disappointed with Flynner ,who i felt needed a good game yesterday to lay down a marker in league , but he never threatened Monaghon and to be honest was a passenger, Basquel offered more danger when he came on .
Galway game now has added importance as we dont want to be going to Tralee on the back of 2 losses. but i think we will see a different performance next week.


I see…I thought you meant just during the sun bins.

And yeah…good way to describe J Brolly acting like the classroom messer.

He’s not the worst - but he’d a habit of talking over Colm O’R and M Lyster.

Compared with the younger panellists…and Joanne Cantwell…Joe looks a bit old fashioned. He should just focus on discussing the game rather than lecturing about football.


That’s very true…and probably explains why pundits will be looking / hoping for chinks of armour.

The only thing is that the chasing pack haven’t much to crow about either.

If anything…you got to say Monaghan have been the most consistent…if they can just learn to win a big game in CP. They nearly played too well, too soon yesterday.


I’d argue they’ve had a lot of chances. But In take your point.

However in an elite team you only get a certain amount of chances .


A few years back I remember questioning what Jim was doing bringing on Andrews. He had had numerous chances and hadn’t made the breakthrough. I reckoned that if it hadn’t happened by then it wasn’t going to and we had a bunch of young lads coming up who should be given a shot. Then Andrews turns into our best inside forward that season.

Some players just take longer to make the breakthrough. I trust the management know who is worth keeping around and giving opportunities to. Its not always about the bright new thing.


I was saying that the referee does talk to umpires but seldom do they talk to Linesmen who are current referees. Umpires could be ex-referees but this does not ensure they know the latest in terms of rules and instructions as. current referee do. I’m all for all the eyes from the pitch side (linesmen and Umpires) being used to give proper judgement on events during a match. If they were we would should see a much better performance from the referees.
Yesterday John Small got a knee to the head which was not accidental. Brian Fenton gave a little bush to move the offending player away. Both received yellow cards. i.e a knee to the head is no more a foul than a small push.?? And they tell us they are taking concussion seriously ???


add in the hawkeye official as well.