2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


I would disagree that it would be easy to say which half it’s in all of the time. Radio communication might even distract them further.

Probably more likely but even then, there will be lots of grey areas as to which referee is closer.


It did, he was everywhere at the back.


He has also bulked up considerably in the last five months and looks in great shape. With his athleticism, reading of the game and eye for a pass he could turn out to be an excellent 6. Will definitely be watching that space!


Well whichever referee ‘sees an incident’ calls it, no need to get too detailed on where exactly they are on the pitch. I think that’s essentially how it is in AFL


I thought you could see the difference yesterday between Coldrick and Hughes. Hughes was letting stuff go that Coldrick was blowing up.

The only way to have consistency is to introduce simple black & white rules and have them enforced completely, but that seems to be something that the GAA (and the pundits and fans) don’t want. Instead we keep hearing calls for taking the game on its merits or using common sense i.e. being inconsistent.


Bad enough having one ref against Dublin, we don’t need two.


Personally myself, I’d rather see him selected at 10 or 12 and given a free role. Selecting him specifically at 6 means (in theory) that he has a man to mark and may nullify his influence to an extent.


Our 6 has invariably (or mostly) been the one with the free role in recent seasons.


Just a note of disappointment yesterday…on the way out , a rather large Monaghan "fan"began punching Dubs all and sundry around him…reaching over women and kids - he actually connected quite nastily on the back of a 60+ year old man’s head. It seemed unprovoked and no one officially intervened although a few Dubs and Monaghan lads told him he was a disgrace to his County. Anyone else see it?


Interesting to hear you say that. Armagh have been coming in for a lot of criticism recently for the amount of frees we are giving away and our indiscipline in the tackle. There are many who are linking that to the nature of the refereeing within our County, where a lot is let go and getting caught in possession is tantamount to losing the ball for overcarrying.


Was he a big fella with a grey slightly/bald head. I was the side opposite the dug outs and thought I saw a bit of a commotion in front of me but wasn’t sure exactly what happened?


Actually on this, right after the black card Scully got a ball in front of his own goal in acres of pace. He stopped and seemed to put a hand in the air as some sort of signal - we then held the ball for 3 minutes. Was interesting that it was a plan.


Yep - usually it’s just verbals but never seen anything like yer man’s carry-on in the past 25 years. Dublin seem to bring the worst out in supporters from other counties - It’s bad enough for us adults but when kids are around it’s totally out of order.


A lot of over-excited people there yesterday: one guy’s refrain to anything on the pitch was ‘bust him’, no matter the context. Probably went home and masturbated.


I know the bloke you are talking about… He is a bed wetter and plays hide and seek on his own!


He was near the TV rig …just in front…a woman I was talking to swore that he tried to start a fight on the hill during the Monaghan / Tyrone quarter final game. lump of a fella, idiot aswell. I wouldn’t swear to it but it seemed totally unprovoked. We were having great craic with the Monaghan lads on front of us, winding them up and being wound up …which is what is MEANT to happen.


I noticed that too. Definitely some sort of plan.


Games are gone too nasty now, I stopped enjoying football ones a while ago. Hurling not so bad yet, but would change if we got a bit of success. I’m not sure if it has gotten worse or I have just grown less tolerant.


We had great craic yesterday with the lads around us - not a problem at all. It depends on who’s around you.


I heard J Brolly make the same point.

But you can see why it makes perfect sense to run down the clock if you’re a man down.

And the players aren’t doing anything wrong - just playing within the rules.

Taking of Brolly…hopefully Joanne doesn’t allow him to take over with his lectures on how to save the game. She did a decent job last night in keeping him from wandering. That Derry waffler.