2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Stealing distance with the Mark needs to be stopped. For frees now the Linesman stands in line with the free but yesterday for the marks they did not seem to be prepared to do this. Notice in Aussie rules they get around this by allowing the defender to stand on the spot and the kicker has to move back…Might be worth considering.


Probably a bit of a red herring (for 2019 anyway) but the offensive mark doesn’t sit easily with me. Good defensive work (and its ingrained into kids starting with nurseries) is predicated on the premise of ensuring that the defender is goalside of the attacker. Obviously there are occasions where this doesn’t happen and defenders take a chance on defending ‘from the front’, but its usually in instances for example where a corner back knows he has the speed to get back at a forward if the ball is played over his head. But the net effect for me is that Johnny Cooper and the like will look like numptys trying to defend from the front, and it goes against all their defensive instincts to do so. Good defending is not a sin, its an art in itself. But this rule is hanging defenders out to dry. Shootouts are great but if the defenders are on a hiding to nothing that just feels fake.
Furthermore, whats the point of it? To increase the scoring rate? Thats never been higher!
Lastly, me thinks John Small is the new Kieran Duff, he’ll be a long time waiting to get a decision in his favour. Yesterdays black was a joke. Not helped by McCarron hitting the deck at every opportunity, and him the one that committed the worst foul yesterday. Slieveen.


Ahh now Duff was a master of playing the man for a free. He was somehow able to link a defenders are and get in to where he wanted to kick the free from before dragging them down and winning a free.


There are probably reasons why it won’t happen anytime soon but a TMO is the best answer to dealing with contentious issues like off the ball stuff,high tackles and feigning injury, unclear black,Yellow or red cards, etc. It’s impossible for Refs to pick up everything going on and umpires and linesmen are not always reliable on these occasions . Works in rugby where very little is missed. I don’t believe it would slow things down either.


Small got a black card early in the match. Thought it a bit hard but would be O.K with it if the referee followed through with other fouls. The point is that a knee to the head on the same player late in the game only warranted a yellow card. I do accept it was a different ref but surely this show the how different referees see fouls.

Anyone looking at the Mayo goal by Reape must surely have noticed the 10 steps but the referee did not pick up on it.

The powers that bee see the need to change the rules for the players as the way to improve the game, have they considered improving referee standards at all.


Surely the defender can start by standing shoulder to shoulder and start reading the ball off the foot? Also if players put more pressure on the player kicking the ball in it makes it easier for the defender and you do this by pushing up the field to mark players.


Considering it’s an amateur game id imagine only the big games in the big stadia would get the TMO. I’m open to any measure that makes officiating better and more consistent but weaker counties would cry foul if The Dubs Kerry and Mayo etc had the benefit of TMO and they didn’t.


Two different Refs? Each with their own interpretation of the rule, this is the problem with a lot of Referees out there today, and it’s led to all the inconsistencies.
They should use these examples when training Refs,


Have a ref in each half of the field. simple less for one man on his own to worry about its easy to implement rather than a tmo


Who makes the decisions in and around the halfway line that are difficult to tell in which half they are?


2 questions and apologies if they are dealt with elsewhere!
Are the new rules definitely not going to be used in this year’s championship?
Is the scenario with MDMA blood sub subsequently getting a black card explicitly dealt with in the new rules?


Whichever half its in the ref for that half of the field is in charge pretty easy to identify they are also in radio communication with each other


On the first, I believe they won’t be introduced until 2020.
On the 2nd, haven’t a clue,sorry.


The one without the guide dog …


Agreed. Funny the way the side has evolved significantly & almost seamlessly from 8-15 in this wonderful era and yet no-where near as much from 1-7. It’s a testament to the levels these guys have performed to but, while we’re only one game in, I think most of us would expect Jim to juggle up the backs a fair bit throughout the league. Have to say Eric Lowndes impressed me yesterday. Took a shoulder from Colin Walsh in his stride as he powered out of defence. Others who know better might indicate what his best position is but maybe he can keep the standard bearers of jerseys 2, 3 and 4 on their toes?


1 - New rules are currently in a trial period until end of the league this year. In order for them to come into effect in 2020 they must be voted in at Congress.

2 - From watching from the line yesterday I think Coldrick just applied common sense as Dublin were to be at 14 players. Harsh that MDMA was penalised when he wasnt his card. I don’t think the scenario was thought about nor put into the rules.


Or just whichever ref is closer to the incident can call it. Doesn’t necessarily have to be confined just to their half.


Dunno if you’ve heard the Irish Times ‘Added Time’ weekly podcast. Malachy Clerkin is set against the new sin bin for exactly that reason i.e. the potential for teams to reach for cynical tactics in order to kill as much of the sin bin time as possible.

Granted, retaining possession isn’t cynical and it’s surely up to the team with the extra man to push up so the opposition keeper isn’t toe tapping to his hearts content…but the fact that, unlike rugby, your sin bin time out isn’t purely allotted against the time the ball is in play means we’re like to see plenty more of those shenanigans.


We are aging at the back, no doubt. Lowdnes is a cert for the corner or the wing. Davy Byrne looked nailed on but seems to have stalled? Small, Cooper, Jack and now Murchan all are young but you are looking at 5 top defenders all getting older together, and that’s going to be difficult to manage.

Howard was excellent again yesterday, played in defence most of the game.


Looked to me like they are trying to develop Brian H into a playmaker type 6