2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Ok but was it a 14 yard free?, it was further out and moved closer by the ref. My understanding of a 14 yard free is for an infraction inside the the line, this was not the case.


That was my understanding but I’m not sure then in the case if it’s brought forward.


Unless you are Mike Sheehy, and you take it from the wrong place.


I don’t think a team should be rewarded for cynical play by allowed to replace a player. I think the sin bin should be extended to other fouls such as high tackles. It is impossible for referees to ref games as been conned by players who are exaggerating the contact. Liam Flatman from Crokes and John Small yesterday were examples of harsh black card where opposition jumped to the ground. Conor Mulally was hit with a high challenge and was too honest not to go down and rolled around like the Monaghan lads.


Philly had a weak season by his standard last year, but considering everything he was going through with his father’s ill health and passing I don’t think we can hold that against him, or assume it is indicative of a long term decline. I’m not saying he will definitely be better this year, but I think it is at least as likely as him staying at last years performance levels.

COS is getting that bit older and he probably losing some pace, but I still think he would have strengthened us yesterday. Organisationally we got very ragged in defence in the second half. His experience and reading of the game would have helped.


Completely agree. The sin bin is a more fitting penalty for cynical play. However, the ref should have the discretion to review any possible card using a video ref replay. Diving or feigning injury is about as cynical as it gets and there is no punishment. If the ref could review it, then you might see more lads getting the line for hair ruffles.


That was a game management response to the Black card. The clear plan was to retain possession until we were back up to 15. It’s wasn’t pretty, but it’s an understandable approach to the new rule.

MDMA runs down too many blind alleys for my liking. He seems to take a notion of trying to charge through defences. While it does keep defences guessing, too often it’s a turnover. I wouldn’t have thought that was Jim’s Cupan Tae, but he’s on the pitch and doing it, so I guess I’m wrong.


I’m not sure if there has been a specific instruction given on the sinbin or not. However my understanding is that if a Blood Sub gets sent off (red card) the original player can return to play, but the team must take another player off in his place. This doesn’t count as a substitution. Perhaps one of the refs here can confirm this. So by that logic, MDMA could have come back on if Dublin had taken another player off for the duration of the sinbin.


Dublin gained possession at 19.07 and went through a passage of 38 passes which included the ball going back to Comerford three times before Fenton scored a point just inside the 45 on 21.52. A really good passage of play with nobody panicking.


He knows his limitations and this seems to work for him any way . Great when it works but more often than not he gets bottled up and turns it over. Very frustrating really.


Be interesting to see if Darren Gavin gets a run out in league. Would prefer to have James McCarthy at wing back and Howards at wing forward. We need another midfielder for back up.


Oh right, gotcha!


But this is why Bunyan and Comerford need game time. Cant expect those lads to step up straight away. Real game time is a different beast to training games.


I’d hate to see the black card extended to the high tackle because - as you rightly have said - that it is becoming impossible for referees to ref games due to players exaggerating high contact. This is something I have noticed increasingly becoming part of our game.

There was a yellow card issued to a player yesterday (I can’t recall who) when he played the ball - which was held to the chest of the opponent - with a swinging arm, and the player holding the ball went down as if clothes-lined. It was only on the slow-mo that you could see the arm played the ball, but it looked so much worse in real time due to the fall of the player who was tackled. I think if we were to extend the black card to high tackles, then there is a real possibility that cynical play will indeed influence black cards, and thus games.


I didn’t think Comerford had enough options on the kickouts. A few lads making token runs hoping the ball wouldn’t come near them I thought .


If are going to keep the sin bin, something i’d in favour of, then I think it needs to be extended to feigning. If a player feigns a pull down then he receives a black card. The refs job is difficult, probably impossible but the responsibility is on managers and players too in that regard. It’s just got to be expected he won’t get everything right.

There’s a cultural issue in some sports, football is one, of trying to con the ref but using a supposedly punitive measure to get lads off the park shouldn’t be tolerated as something that is risk free.


Does he though. Had a horrendous attempt for a point in 1st half. In fairness, any inter county level player would be capable of taking the shot on but you just knew it would end badly when it was MDMA. And it did.


He knows he can’t kick a point to save his life , that’s for sure . That one he "attempted " was just a kick and hope !


Must be a basketball player thing. Big Aido has broken many a corner flag in Croker with point attempts.

Cluxton has scored more in All-Ireland final than he has - which is to say be has actually scored in one.


I think the lack of understanding (or consistency) of what constitutes a black card offence will casue problems with sin binning. I though John Small’s was a yellow card - if any. A Monaghan guy committed a similar offence late on and got a yellow.

On MDMA and the blood it was purely coincidental that he was just ready to return when McDaid got the black card. We seemed to be chancing our arm and running him back on innocently but Malachy and their lads were having none of it! :slightly_smiling_face: