2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Connolly probably would not have being playing today even if he was available, Gavin is using the lads he wants to use, I am sure that he could have fielded Cluxton, Philly, Jack Mc, Ciaran, Jamsie etc if he wanted. I agree on Costello and Mc Hugh, it is hard for them, but they really need to make an impact, but easier said than done on experimental teams.


Surprised nobody has commented on his rolling around when Scully clipped him. He covered more grass with those rolls than some of our lads would have in the last month


I can’t believe teams haven’t gone after us more in this area. 4 times All Ireland champs don’t have many weaknesses, but this is definitely one of ours. Since ROC has gone, Philly has generally been our plan to combat a target man, and Philly no more than 6 ft. As good as Mick Fitz is, not the best under high ball


Teams do try it, Galway tried it last year, the problem is that if it works, most times it won’t, you are just coughing up possession. Today it worked because we weren’t sharp, but later on in the year a lot of those balls will be just knocked to the extra man at the back, the real danger of the high ball is if a team is brave enough to go man for man up front, but in general they don’t and therefore there is always someone free to pick up the breaking ball.


A couple of thoughts on the attacking mark (understanding that it is very early days).

I think you need to have a sweeper playing directly in front of the full forward/back line. It let’s you try to intercept for a defensive mark, or allow your full back to break the ball forward.

Sometimes taking the mark can be the wrong option. Monaghan had a couple of marks that had they played on we would have been in real trouble. Especially when the mark is out near the 45 or towards the sideline. I now McManus hit a lovely one from distance, but many will miss those.

Officials will need to crack down on defenders standing in the way of the player who has won the mark. You are supposed to retreat straight away and by delaying you are eating into the attackers time to kick the ball.

Officials will need to keep track of players stealing distance. Especially when the mark is won far out from the goal.

I’d question how we decide when a catch is made. Not to come over all American Football, but you could argue that in one of Monaghan’s marks the ball hit the ground before he had it under control. I think clear guidance needs to be given to officials and players.


Serious question though, Do people really feel the one we got at the start was worthy of a free shot at goal, I mean Dean just took a simple ball and for doing so got a free shot. It seems like a big reward to me for doing very little.


Wouldnt be too worried about today,only two weeks back and felt we still couldve won the game even though monaghan deserved it.They are a good side obviously and very nearly played us in September last year

Our lads tired towards the end which is completely understandable with the little amount of training done in comparison to Monaghan

McManus and O hanlon changed the game for them,we lacked firepower off the bench but these players need to see action so it is understandable

For the first 20 minutes we were excellent i thought which is positive,few bad calls by the ref especially with Small but whats new,was quite confusing with the sin bins and the black cards,hard to keep track of


I think anything that promotes the game in an attacking sense is a good thing. I think we are all fed up reading about sweepers, lateral hand-passing and blanket defences. People come to see positive attacking football where teams genuinely have a go at each other.

It’s a sad state of affairs that Paul Mannion’s tracking back in last year’s all ireland final is held up as being some sort of genius event for a corner forward. When his natural ability as a forward is what should be applauded.

the balance in Gaelic Football favours defenders far too much now.


some long range point from Fenton

learned that from Whelo in Raheny!


Only ones who slowed the game down was ourselves … had monaghan completely overwhelmed until we started fart arsing around with de ball at the back after about 25 mins … changes pace and momentum of game completely and suddenly they were getting hands on ball and time to regroup defence… we scored 6 points from then


I thought he did well but fell over several times in the 1st half, I was wondering was he wearing the wrong boots, I assumed he would change them at HT but he was the same in the 2nd


Whatever you say, you obviously know me better than I do myself, telling me what I’m saying, what I mean, where I’ve been living too long(your personal dig introduced right from the start), who I know and so on. It’s pot and kettle back and forth here at this stage so as I said, let’s leave it because you haven’t been objective from the very start of this, I can’t recall ever starting a discussion with someone using terms like “you must be mad”, and “you’ve been living there too long”, that I’m “inventing that” and asking “is that supposed to be an argument?” so really you haven’t a leg to stand on here, it’s not debate it’s dismissive condescending stuff. And then “you do go on”, says BigP, possibly with a straight face.
If you want to interpret opinions as being “know-it-all” then everyone is a know-it-all and maybe you’ll find you are also one. Cheerio



If you really look at all the quotes you have picked out as being out of order of some sort, you would realize that I have said nothing that would not be used in everyday conversation, if I were to get offended every time somebody said " I must be mad" or " I have been living Spain for too long" Or " I must be inventing something" I don’t think I could speak to anyone, they are simply terms of speech, I was going to to say " You can’t be serious" but maybe that would be offensive too.
As I said and I repeat the only thing I said was that a lad can put himself in the picture by having a good O Byrne cup, you simply brushed off the thought, I respect your opinion even though I don’t share it. But at least when I argue, I use terms like “In my opinion” or " I think" rather than making statements as if they were fact rather than opinion, mine is is only opinion, nothing more or nothing less.


20 minutes in to the game and I thought we were comfortable. The passage of play after Small’s black card leading to Fenton’s point was that of a team in complete control. That combined with Scully’s goal, and Con looking good up front had me happy.

Think our lack of training was shown up then over the rest of the game. A real lack of sharpness and we were very slow moving the ball. Given the team is only back 2 weeks this is all fine and will come good over time I’m more than sure.

The main worry I have, and what I think will be our eventual undoing whenever the time comes that the team finally loses a championship game, is that our full back line options begin too look incredibly thin. Philly and COS are past their best. I thought Mick Fitz was poor yesterday. I think Darren Daly has been a great servant to Dublin but I do not think he is the answer.

We could get away with it though as long as teams continue to play defensively in the championship as they have done in recent years. And this is nitpicking really. Even given this issue I’d still be confident of winning the all ireland again this year.

My biggest issue however, is with the rule changes. A lot of comments above regarding the offensive mark that I agree with. For me it just slows the game down too much. Too much like Aussie rules for my liking, though I actually think players like Con and Mannion would run riot in the height of the summer with this rule.

The rule I’m most against though is the sin bin rule. We’ve seen in the 5 years since the black card was introduced how controversial some calls have been over the years. At least the option of bringing on a sub was there so the impact isn’t too big. But losing a player for 10 minutes to a completely incorrect call could be the winning and losing of a championship game for a team.

This could lead to 2 things happening if the rule is introduced:

  1. The refs being overly cautious with their distribution of black cards and effectively making it obsolete.
  2. Many controversial calls being made causing teams to be reduced to 14 men for the last 10 mins of a crunch game, effecting the outcome of the game negatively.

Ultimately, I don’t see any positive that can come out of the new rules, especially the sin bin one. Hopefully the more games that are played the more evident it becomes that the game does not need changing.

Anyway…Isn’t it great to be on the road again for another year?


On the black card thing, did the MDMA incident yesterday catch them on the hop ? do the rules cater for that kind of situation or did the ref just handle it with common sense? and on another issue, why did the ref disallow the Monaghan goal from the quick free that was moved forward? possibly both issues were explained during commentary, but unfortunately my Irish is not up to scratch.


You can’t take a 14 yard free quickly.


Correct, amazed people watching the game as long as they are don’t know that rule.


“Eamonn Sweeney: 'Monaghan offer hope for All-Ireland rivals as Dublin’s hunger gets called into question” Oh dear Lord, talking about Dublin’s swagger/complacency etc in today’s Indo :see_no_evil: Lets get a bit of perspective here Sweeney lad…


I do use those terms P, about 99% of the time, you’ve just picked out one post where I’ve said one or two things are pretty certain to me, in order to change this discussion into something other than an original opinion, which I’ve said now more than once was an opinion, that the O’Byrne Cup doesn’t really matter in a certain context, and your response that was at least as equal in its certitude but more about playing the man, rather than the subject.

You took one instance and have extrapolated that to a misleading interpretation of how I post in general. All to make your point about the bloody O’Byrne Cup. Seriously this is getting ludicrous now. I’ve said twice now to leave it but you just keep coming back with more dismissive stuff and then try to accuse me of being easily insulted. I’m not insulted at all P, I’m just not going to not respond to dismissive comments. Nor hypocritcal ones saying things like “you do go on” from someone who goes on here as much as anyone. I tried to discuss the subject reasonably but you kept coming back with other stuff.

Clearly you got annoyed by my dismissal of the O’Byrne Cup, sorry about that. But the more this goes on it is like a wind-up. You do realise that your own posts come across to me sometimes exactly in the same way you are describing mine? But a broad generalisation completely ignoring the fact that I frequently use the words IMO in posts shows that you don’t really read stuff and are cherry picking to score a point.