2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Don’t think there were any signs of complacency, just think it showed that they hadn’t been training long , also don’t forget we played 20 minutes with a man less.


I m sure there is nt but we are looking from the outside so who knows. Nothing wrong with a defeat every now and again at the right time to highlight any problem and iron them out.


Overall I would be happy enough with that performance. Obviously there is a lot to improve on, but I would say that today’s performance was on a par with that of the last two years. The difference was that this year we started by playing Monaghan rather than Cavan & Kildare.

In attack I felt we too often looked to force an extra pass (to create goal chances I assume) when point scoring options were available. If we had of focused more on just keeping the scoreboard ticking rather than looking for a knockout blow I think we could have won.

In defence I felt we were naive at times, particularly in the second half. We allowed ourselves to become isolated two on two a couple of times. An extra defender might have made a big difference at these times.


Thought our tackling was poor.0-7 conceded from frees especially the ones before half time.Small black card was very harsh as McCarron exaggerated the contact as per usual. Gough was poor as Malone and McCarron very lucky to stay on. McCarron should have second yellow at end for pulling down Cooper. Game will have benefited likes of Mulally, Lowndes and Comerford. Basquel done well off the bench. Monaghan way ahead in terms of fitness.


Monaghan were the only team to beat us in 2018 so this was always going to be our toughest League game - especially coming off only a couple of weeks training. Good crowd, good excitement and a very decent 70 mins entertainment all things considered.

Started very well and no doubt the black cards disrupted us. I didn’t think Small’s was black as he did not pull the player to the ground (Monaghan player did exact same 2nd half) but when you have a stand full of people baying …

Fenton was super throughout. Scully put in a great shift as did Howard. Thought MDMA was going well and would not have pulled him. We seemed to panic after the two goals and made a raft of changes. Our forwards were poor throughout - bar Con. Really disappointed with CC … as someone said earlier he needs to take these chances but doesn’t seem to be able when starting. Flynner was ok but faded as the game went on and kicked his usual aimless wide when we needed a score badly. Aside from 10 mins of loose play defence was ok. Fitz got creamed badly before Jonny took McManus. Thought Eric did very well.

Forward mark is a joke. As someone said basically a point for making a run?!? It will also slow the game and help a team in front to kill it off.

Badly missed Jack, Jamesy and KK today but I’ve seen us have much poorer starts to League campaigns and winning. Could well meet the Farney again in the last Sunday in March.

Ps just watched Chelsea while nodding off. And people think the Gaelic football is in trouble as a spectacle???


Coldrick. Hughes in 2nd half.


Always mix them up :joy::joy:


Very much so - especially in the 3rd quarter.


agree with many above who mentioned that we are only 2 weeks back. it was very evident in the second half when monaghan players were allowed to shoot from good positions with no pressure applied. looked like the dubs were too hungover to run after them.

hopefully the offensive mark is shot down, it adds nothing and actually takes away a direct contest for a ball kicked into the pocket .

players picking the ball up and throwing it were both very evident again today but nobody seems bothered, even on here. the pick-ups i can live with cos i think it should be allowed anyway but the throwing with one hand and tipping the ball with a finger from the other hand drives me nuts. they’re after this in hurling for the league but they should have started with football- closed fist or kick it.

some of the ball to the forwards in the second half was unwinnable. also players trying to hanpass through walls of defenders - again, i think many were too knackered to use the width of the pitch like we know they can. an aberration i’d say, we can only improve.


Read this on gaaboard who later claimed it was neutral opinion :joy::joy:



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Re: NFL Division 1 2019 Dubs again?

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Enjoyed Monaghan’s win. Felt they had to overcome two very poor refereeing displays. Dublin seem to get all the marginal calls. Dublin seem to go down looking for frees constantly and also the holding of the ball (esp MDMA) is unreal. Dublin continually looking for every advantage and refusing to reduce to 14 men by trying to slip MDMA back on. Gavin and his management team are clued in on all the dark arts. Thought the officials on the line should know exactly what’s going on rather than looking completely f**king stupid.
McCarron and Hughes did very well despite the attention of Cooper and co.
Overall Monaghan the better team and good to see the Dubs defeated even after they tried every trick in the book.
If referees start to referee games involving Dublin with a fair hand I can see them being defeated this year.


He looks looks and sounds like a geebag.


Dublin’s struggle with the advanced mark may or may not worry Jim Gavin. It won’t be implemented in the championship but it does highlight the fact that defending a high ball played into our full-back line is a weakness that needs to be worked on.

So maybe the advanced mark provides an opportunity for Dublin to work on this weakness for the remainder of the league.

I really don’t like the advanced mark because it doesn’t allow defenders to tackle, block or hold up an opponent. The reward is too great for the forward simply catching a ball and finally but most importantly maybe, too much pressure will be on referees in the closing stages of a tight game to make a judgement call on whether the ball travelled 20m or was kicked from outside the 45m line.


It does indeed. Was discussing exactly that with the Monaghan guy beside me. Needs sorting … badly.


I wasn’t trying to tell you anything of the sort. You’re taking one argument and spreading it out into several. The league is a marathon, and yes it suffers from having other things going on at the same time at this stage of the year.

However the provincial championships are also used for experimentation and for the very top teams usually don’t provide the level of quality competition in most Div 1 league games, it’s simply a fact.

Therefore despite tradition and summer sun and summer pitches, it is IMO a fact that the league matters quite a lot in its own right. And as it goes on we see stronger teams. Dublin are a bit of an exception today given that alot of players just got back from the squad trip. Almost every other team are up to speed.

Gavin will be disappointed to have lost twice in a row to Monaghan but he will have known todays game was going to be especially difficult.
You didn’t actually address my point at all seeing as you mention the OB Cup. The fact is that lads will get their chances in the squad/team regardless of how they might go in the OBC.


Again like last night it’s far too early to be going negative.

Better team won but they’ve a lot of training in their legs then we do.

I think as the game changing players have been phased out of the side largely due to age it’s become apparent the process is the key determining factor on how does this Dublin team perform. And if the process malfunctions we can be beaten . Rarely happens but on occasion it does. Generally when we are missing 2/3 of the 5 game changers we have kilkenny, Cluxton, Fenton, Jamsie or Jack.

You just can’t replace genius like the Brogan’s, Connolly and Flynn that easily. Dublin’s attack without Ciaran Kilkenny struggles at times. We really can’t afford to be without him.

I’d say the same for Jack and Jamsie. Again it’s harder to break defences when they are not there making the penetrating runs from deep. Mullally, Lowdnes, Mc Daid … all really good Gaelic footballers but they aren’t in that league and are highly unlikely to be.

Connolly in a game like today is just an incalculable loss. He’d do something to change it . And when you’re dealing with genius the opposition can’t plan for it. I would hope Jim Gavin has the bat signal out over Marino this week… personal differences can be set aside for 6 months surely.

And then the determining factor - Cluxton. It’s a huge ask for a young lad to replicate Gaelic Football’s version of Tom Brady. Takes 3-4 years . The one player who can’t get injured this year is Cluxton. We got murdered on our own kick-outs in the second half and a lot of just down to a bit of experience.

Lastly Dublin have become too negative in the last 18 months. Too much lateral passing and far too much respect given to opposition . Let’s maybe not ditch " the process" but let’s start leaving space for the Con O Callaghan’s of this world to use some off the cuff creativity he was gifted with and let him off the leash a bit. Honourable to Ryan Basquel who was very good off the bench.

Finally it’s time for lads like Cormac Costello , Conor Mc Hugh and a few others to get off the pot now. Potential is only potential when it’s delivered on - on a consistent basis. To date they haven’t done that and they are plenty good enough to do it. But time is running out.

Attacking mark looks a great addition to the game. Should be implemented for the championship. A resounding success so far.

No need to panic . I mean the season starts in August for Dublin. This is all just shadowboxing in my view.


And breath… Wooooshaaaaa

Jim’s got this lads. Our boys have had a nice break, enjoyed the 4 in a row. They are now back in pre-season training, unlike Monaghan, who are weeks ahead of us in preparation.

We were miles off our usual pace, blooded some good young lads and we were beaten by 1 score with some very dubious officiating.



You really do go on, I mean all I ever said was the O Byrne Cup could be a platform for players to progress to bigger things. You clearly dont agree, well so be it. Either way I mean when you say things like ’ IMO it is a fact, . It is either your opinion or a fact, it cant be both. You clearly have all the inside info, you know if Gavin will be disappointed or not, you know why lads will be given a chance. Hard to argue with someone who knows it all.


Have to agree. It’s not even February yet.


Whats the story with DC?

I’m really surprised it’s not discussed more here…or have its own thread.

When Brian McGuigan came back from Australia in ‘05 it was a big deal. There were even cameras at the airport.

Talking of comebacks…Kyle Coney made his league comeback in the second half.


That Jack McCarron didn’t get a red card says a LOT about the p1ss poor standard of Refereeing on display today.

PS: Clones is a kip. The ground, and the town.