2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Agree. Maybe not 20 seconds but too long. Also took refs ages to issue yellow, black cards. Slowed game down too much.


Depends on the defender. JC and R’OC when we had him generally play to the front, whereas Fitzy always plays goal side.


It was the inclusion in the match day 21 of one or two players who played in the O’Buhdden Cup that did for us. That’s because they didn’t play well in the OB Cup.


Yep, deffo confirmation today of the league being a top competition that everyone goes all out to win, almost sure the be the same line up in the starting 15 if we make the All Ireland final.


First league game. New rules. Dublin apparently didn’t prepare properly. Monaghan did. Dublin may well go on to play much better. Monaghan will probably come as close to reaching a league final as they will to the All-Ire, pretty much like last year.

Not sure what your point is?


There is a time limit of 5 seconds.

"Once the player indicates he is taking the ‘Mark’, the Referee shall allow up to five seconds for the player to take the kick. If the player delays longer than five seconds, the Referee shall cancel the ‘Mark’ and throw in the ball between a player from each side".


Point is quite simple, you were laughing at those of us that felt that the O Byrne cup could be a factor in a lad getting a chance later on in they year, you then went on to say that the League was a top notch competition in its own right, my point is simply any competition that is supposedly top notch in any sport is a competition that the main contenders would go all out to win, if you look at the varios lineup in today’s game, it is clear that winning today’s game was not a priority for Gavin.
As regards

[quote=“FiscalRectaltude, post:247, topic:4400”]
Dublin apparently didn’t prepare properly.
[/quote] Fact or more fiction?


Jaysus P, it was only the first game, with new rules etc. I also pointed that out. Dublin have won 5 of the last 6 league titles, as well as five of the last six All Ire titles. I think that says all you need to know.
Monaghan played very well, as I pointed out. Dublin losing one hard league game doesn’t really constitute major evidence that the Nat league is not a very major comp in its own right.

The new rules may well be an issue as regards how we view the performance today but even if that were the case all the way through the league would it change the fact that the best teams in Ireland almost always win the league?


I think the offensive mark is sh1t. Monaghan used it very well, when running away from goal towards the sideline into space. A run that in my opinion should not be rewarded with a free shot.

The game is/was fine without it.


Fair result as Dublin were quite simply out ran when the game was in the melting pot. Monaghan moved up the park at ease while Dublin struggled. And that’s fine given where this team are at in terms of preparation this year. Bad rookie errors for both goals but that’s part of it. Other more established players needed to go better, but they didn’t.

I like the sin bin rule as it’s more punitive than the black card but refs must ensure consistency. We got done twice but why didn’t Monaghan receive one when McAuley was pulled down?

I’m not a fan of the attacking Mark in its current form. The reward of a free kick for a simple kick pass is too much imo. It should be catching a long kick and the attacker is inside the 21 as both the kick and catch in those scenarios is usually harder. Its fine wanting more kicking but this goes beyond a proper contest for the ball imo.


By the time Tyrone roll into town in March…Dublin will be up to speed.

Smart players adapt quickly.

So the Dubs winning or losing today was never going to tell us much.

I missed most of the the game as I was dragged to the shops…and Northern sound had the Cavan game on. So had to do with Rte updates on the phone.


True, but even the ones that play to the front will be beaten to the side. Without the mark they recover, but they can’t with the mark. Possibly the only real way to stop it is to mark the space they run into, and that takes bodies.


That only applies to a Mark from a kickout. Its up to 15 seconds for the advanced Mark. Crazy having 2 different time limits.



Not long home. Enjoyable and entertaining game throughout. Bemused by a huge amount of crap and negativity in the previous 150 posts on this thread. Will post later.


i was answering your witty comment about the O Byrne cup that’s all. I am well aware it is the first game of the league and I am sure that Gavin won’t lose too much sleep over the result.
But as regards the league being a major competition in it’s own right, unfortunately I feel that top counties don’t see it that way, it is clear that they use the league to experiment and try out players and systems, if it were a major competition in their eyes, they would field stronger teams in an effort to win it.
The best teams in Ireland almost always win the league because they also have the best second string teams, but don’t try telling me that Dublin fielded their best team today. the advantage of the league is that most of the top counties treat it the same way, so it makes for a level playing field and you get tight games. for me the major difference today was that we looked out on our feet in the second half and it looked clear that Monaghan were further down the road fitness wise.


More sweepers?


I enjoyed the game today and went not expecting us to win but hoping we would put in a workman like performance considering we are only two weeks back in training. We were excellent in first 20 minutes some great passing movement and good scores. Then Comerford makes a bad kick out resulting in the black card whick disrupted us and then to receive another black card and Monaghan came back into it. I was impressed with Scully in first half especially when he was playing more forward but he spent a lot of second half in defencive mode whick restricted our attacking options. Great to see Flynner back , think he will have an important part to play this year if his fitness is right. The heavy pitch didnt suit Mannion or Costello . Con was decent . Ryan Basquel got 2 good points when he came on. The introduction of Mc Manus and O Hanlon won the game for Monaghan. Monaghan deserved to win but we will improve over the next few weeks as we build up our fitness levels. Hoping we can get two points next Saturday.


O Hanlon was flying and causing all kinds of problems. Problem for me with Costello is that he has rarely impressed when starting, he needs to get in a few good performances or he is just going to be seen as a lad that can come on and change the game, I think he himself feels the pressure of needing to impress and maybe it affects his game.


Nobody likes to lose and gaa often offers up a boom or bust mentality after each game. The complacency if there was any is gone . Dublin usually respond well to setbacks and I expect no difference this time. Monaghan are a good side close to an all Ireland final last year so no pushover.


It’s actually the best way of defending it. Another unintended consequence.