2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


Learning how to deliver accurate foot passes. It’s amazing the way people seem to think that kicking the ball means “booting it down the pitch to see who wins it”. What Monaghan did in the second half today was a good example of what I’m talking about. Excellent use of the kicked ball. Long time since we’ve seen it. I’m all for it.


High fielding a ball used to be a great skill in Gaelic Football. Absolutely no reason it cannot be again. As noted, the pulling and dragging and rolling around in the mud is painful to watch. Fast moving ball can eliminate that to some extent.


When has it stopped being, did you not see Howard and Fenton last year?


Offensive mark great addition to the game, pity it won’t be in for the summer


I agree, no point worrying about the league. It’s all about the 5.Sounds like your game was awful tripe. Anyway the top heavy yerra media will be hyping the Kingdom big time now.


Most of Monaghan’s marks were kicked to a forward who had gotten in front of their marker. In today’s game were possession is king, nobody is going to make a habit of lumping in high ball.


Don’t agree, I would agree if there was a way to guarantee that the marks were of some quality, but to be rewarded with a free shot at goal like we were for Rock’s one is crazy IMO. Of the few marks I have seen up two now most were just simple passes to a lad that was more or less unmarked.


Poor game. One score in the first half…a free.

But you’re probably right about Kerry hype.

With 10 mins to go they had all 15 players back in their own 45’.

RTE called it ‘stoic’. Jeez. There’s another whole vocabulary when it comes to describing the bad things Kerry do.


Firstly, you can be sure the offensive mark will be practiced from the get go in the next training session. Gavin always wants to get a full league in, in terms of competitive games. It killed us today and if we don’t adapt, we’re less likely to feature in any league final. Secondly, if the attacker is winning clean ball like we saw today, you’re going to struggle to stop them scoring. Mark or no mark, it’s not good defending and as for our forwards, why wouldn’t we use it? It’s not like it’s hard to revert to playing the other way.


Every cloud has a silver lining…
Apparently, Martin Breheny has just been given the go-ahead by Dinny O’Brien and, on behalf of the government, to declare tomorrow a Bank Holiday honouring Dublin’s defeat.


Bernard Flynn will be joining him!!


Two swallows etc etc.


Ah yep you are probably right, Fenton fielded F…k all high balls last year, won most of his ball rolling around on the ground.:roll_eyes:


Cue all the ‘experts’ wetting themselves calling for Dublin to play more championship matches outside of croke park now.


Jaysus, @alanoc, for all the negativity that does exist in the game today, how anyone watching football these days could not be enthused by Fenton and Howard is beyond me. Maybe you’d have less of a gripe if your lot had remained in Raheny and those two lads could well be playing for a different club.


If you can point out where I said that?

There are a few lads who are great exponents but as a whole it’s a dying art in Gaelic Football. Anything that gets more fellas trying to catch high ball is worth a try imho.


I’m talking about the game as a whole.

Where did I say Fenton and Howard aren’t good at it?


I dunno, where did you say it? Who said you said it?


I am not sure we are suited to defending the offensive mark though. The best way of doing it is to flood the area and give a guy room to get out on the ball. If we are man to man a forward just has to make a break and trust the guy outside to hit him with the ball. In the past we never really minded the guy having the ball because he was still the wrong side of the defender.


There should be 5 second rule for the offensive mark. The Monaghan lads took about 20 seconds to kick the ball.