2019 NFL Round 1: Monaghan v Dublin - Sunday Jan 27 @ 2pm, Clones


First game back and only training for 2 weeks and missing some big players yet most still expect them to win away from gome against a good Monaghan team in poor condidtions. Shows how good the team is.


Have to say I thought the second half a far better spectacle. Think the offensive mark could work really well. That and a kick out that goes beyond the 45 and we might get back to a game where there’s genuine competition for the ball.


Not sure why we should bother. Will have next years League to practice it for Champo 2020.


Twice at start of 2nd half there was opportunity to take a mark but dublin players played on and eventually shots were missed. Wonder are they being told not to take them or maybe they just forgot


If these rules aren’t in for the 2019 championship then they may well have been told not to bother with them and leave experimentation till the 2020 league.


Is there a possibility that they could in this summer?


He seemed to go long aplenty. I’ve no stats to back that up but It certainly felt that way. Felt like we were forever playing out on the right wing that 2nd half.

As an aside, any grounds for Mullally to be our first back to be subbed off? Didn’t feel so meself. May be that management are happy enough to set him on that learning curve.


That was a quick change of mind .


I literally didn’t see anyone complaining about the result?


They didn’t.


Are we going to give that advantage to opposing teams for the rest of the league?



A scoring average of 1pt / 10 mins.

Only 1 pt from play.

Friends of ours stayed overnight in Kerry too.

Knocking your pan in during the McKenna Cup in January is just madness.

Dublin are in a good place. Players well rested, key players to come back, fitness yet to kick in.


I m just predicting the gaa media and pundits reaction in an exaggerated fashion. Flynn on the radio said Comerford is no Cluxton. I mean …


Incredibly harsh on Mullally


Yes. So we can continue to work on tactics to beat the blanket in the summer.


Crazy, it’s like we were unaware of it . Monaghan took full advantage. Missed Clucko today, thought Evan did well though apart from the stray pass . Hell learn from this which is no harm . That was a pretty strong team out , wouldn’t be overly concerned, goals got them back in.Looks like they are a bogey team for us now .


What exactly do you mean by getting back to genuine competition for the ball? Boot it down the field and see who wins it?


Makes sense for Dublin to play to championship rules. Dublin will win 2019 AI under old rules but if playing teams at obvious disadvantage in league that might give more of a benefit to the league campaign.


I think I’d rather see some decent kick passing rather the current wrestling for the ball on the ground.


Being honest I would say the level of kick passing in the game today is far better than back in the 70s, but the problem is that if kick passing is well done there is no competition for the ball, because you pick out a loose man, A high ball in leaving two lads to jump for it is not good kick passing, it may be more exciting, but in reality its a lottery.