2018 World Cup Finals


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You have to be absolutely kidding !!! The cheating has been the worst I have ever seen.

Leave Naymar and Columbia out of it. There is cheating in all sports. I’m watching world cups since 1970 and this one is as good as any. There were excellent matches right from the beginning .


Only one 0-0 I think. Must be a record by a long way.


No way . . . ALL teams were at it. Children watch this sh!t and then imitate it. Absolute terrible role models !


Respect your view,but IMO it was a great tournament.Who are the great role models in your opinion?


Just at the presentation there you see the real excitement and the thing that Irish people crave … rain.



Are you being all cryptic here ? This is the second time you put this up . Are you trying to tell us France are nt great or Luxembourg were unlucky not to win the World Cup.


Its just funny how things turn out. France are an excellent team no doubt. But saying this team is good and that team is terrible based one game is silly. I’m not talking about France or Croatia more with countries like Sweden or Colombia. Also people are overreacting to much to 48 teams in 2026. It was done to make more knockout games in the tournament. There are plenty of decent European and African nations that didn’t qualify this time around. (Not talking about Luxembourg. I’m not that crazy).



He might just save France from itself!


Everyone of the current Dublin football panel & their outstanding manager Jim Gavin


And that was very circumstantial between Denmark and France.


In 2002, I think Brazil beat Turley twice in the same World Cup Finals.
I think 2018 was the first year where one team beat another in the same World Cup Finals but didn’t go on to win that World Cup.



First part I understand. The second part Beeko you will have to translate.


I got from it that Belgium beat England twice but didn’t win the world cup, could be completely wrong though


What @Bolo said. I meant to say twice.


Yeah grand , it makes sense now. Good man bolo where did you learn to speak beekoish?