2018 World Cup Finals


That could be it


Bollox anyway


No fan of the French but happy for the likes of Griezeman with all the finals he’s lost through his career .


Taking them apart here .


Mbappe makes it 4. Game over!


Jesus :rofl::rofl::rofl:, complacency here


Mental game here !!!


Don’t want this World Cup to end. Great tournament


Another goal for Croatia would make a great finish to this


Lloris jesus christ



Mad tournament.


Hard to believe Giroud will have a WC winners medal.


And Pogba.


In fairness to pogba he had a good tournament.


France worthy winners but credit to Croatia they gave it their all right to the end


A world cup winner though? I suppose Traore has a Champion’s League medal…


You have to be absolutely kidding !!! The cheating has been the worst I have ever seen.

BBC . . . {G.Lineker} We have to congratulate Harry “Big Chin” Kane golden boot winner !!!


Kane has to be the flukiest Golden Boot winner in a while. 3 of the 6 were penalities and 3 of the 6 were against Panama one of the worst teams at a WC in a long while.


Think pogba is a bit better than djimi.


Modric deservedly player of the tournament