2018 World Cup Finals


Sorry, Mick… but you can’t always get what you want.


I’m not sure the character of a team is revealed over 90 mins. Maybe it is over a the course of a tournament. I always find those phrases annoying. Ah they lost because of no character, no bottle, believing hype etc etc. Pure nonsense imo.

England lost because they failed to take their chances and made the type of defensive errors their tactical set up probably couldn’t handle. Their is no shame in losing to a better team. A tip of your hat and wish them well is all that’s needed.


When interviewed after the game he said “I can’t get no satisfaction” :rofl:


Irvine is on the money

Irvine means Panama obviously


Exactly. Any English team of the last 20 years would beat that lot.


Well holy god :hushed:



Will there be a minute’s silence for all the dead that have and will ensure the place is ready?


for all the shite about venues in the GAA, this trumps the lot.


The only way to make the likes of FIFA to take notice is for fans to boycott and even better turn the tv/screens off. Unfortunately there are too many people in the world who see nothing wrong with how Qatar go about their business.


Just like the GAAs Sky deal it’s not about money but all about bringing the game to a wider audience …


The sky’s deal was not worth that much more than tv3s.


Absolute nonsense, cannot believe they are getting away with going ahead with this. Outrageous arrogance. I hope it’s a complete disaster.


minutes applause in Croker on Saturday night, 22nd minute.


I think the 22nd minute is already booked.


Can someone remind me? Did the FAI get fined for Palestinian flags being flown at Ireland game?


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Someone has RT bitter of Brazil into my timeline just now. He has tweeted a bizarre stat that England are second from bottom of “attempts on target” with .9 shots. He even has a fancy graphic which also shows Brazil and Germany on top.

Now you can imagine the replies. I’d say he will claim “from open play!” But someone has handily posted the OPTA definition of shots on target which does include “ball in the net”.

A misleading stat?
A misleading definition of the stat?
A derogatory tweet wrapping it all up?

Talk about a one trick pony…


How Luxembourg won the WC for France…