2018 World Cup Finals


Love the way he talks about himself in the 3rd person!



Zlatan :sunglasses:


Always about himself , delighted the manager told him to fock off !


Spanish manager to be sacked ahead of the World Cup :eyes:

Apparently Hierro (Spanish FA Technical Director )not a happy bunny about him being announced as the new Real manager yesterday which suggests the Spanish FA weren’t exactly kept in the loop


This is Saipan-esque, almost. A real (don’t go there) spanner in the works.



Wow … wow. Incredible stuff really.

I hope the news that Southgate is taking over at United in July doesn’t leak out.


Sacking confirmed


Of course I got Spain in the sweep in work :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t write them off, but Xavi and Iniesta gone or good as gone for starters was always likely to mean a period of struggle



I drew England in the office World Cup sweep.


Good man @beeko


Hierro appointed manager


If they win it he’ll be a national H…


I got bleedin’ Senegal. Still don’t wanna swap though. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I got Japan!


I got an email yesterday from spotify saying my team was :croatia:


Always had a soft spot for Fernando since his goal sent us to the 94 World Cup.


I didn’t get anyone cos we’re not having a sweep. So I can’t lose really.