2018 World Cup Finals


Ballsy decision from Southgate but the right one. Was fully sure the press would pressurise him into bringing Hart. Clearly not in the top 3 English keepers


No Gotze in Ze German squad but Neuer named despite still recovering from an injury. Big call from Löw in that regard


Lineker, Shearer & Co trying hard to get Shelvey on the plane in recent times. Wouldn’t have him meself.


A few on 5Live last night too.
If you’ll pardon any racist, non-intended pun, I reckon Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham is a dark horse to make the squad.


Sesseg??? Non!


I’d have him in the squad. Been banging in the goals for Fulham all season and he’s not 18 until Friday



That’s tough on Can, missing the CL as well.


Wilshire not in the England squad either apparently


Fair play to Southgate, he seems to be his own man.
(In as much as you can be in that role)


Gotze and Schurrle played poorly in a Dortmund side that barely finished 4th and went through 2 managers. 4 years is a long time for Gotze, hard to see him ever get back to that level again unfortunately.

Bigger surprise was Wagner missing out. Though he’d hardly start ahead of Werner or Muller up front.


Any word on Jack Grealish?


Yeah… he’s sh*t.


It would actually be good to see England go b*lls out and start Kane, Rashford, Sterling, Alli and Lingard in 4-3-3, obviously never going to happen though


That would be insane. More chance of seeing a shinguard … than Lingard [obviously]


3 out of the 5 mentioned play a high press for their clubs and Lingard loves to press opponents too, I think it would work, this international management is a piece of piss


You’d want to trade that FIFA2018 lad. Swap it for Fortnite - everyone is playing that!!


Completed it mate.


@Harrys_Tiles too much time on your hands. How’d exams go?



Nothing a couple of Novenas won’t solve.

All done on Saturday ( so prepare for rain! )