2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


It’s okay now. The sun started to shine and I have taken my medication! But seriously though, I don’t think it is the best maximization of Dublin’s chances to have a massive football panel that includes lads who would start for the hurlers and won’t even be a sub for the footballers. There has got to be a better way.


It is probably easier to take on a fringe player from the hurlers than it is taking one from a club, with hurling lad you already now he has the commitment, his fitness levels are already in place etc, that is probably why some these lads might not get asked on if they were not on the hurling panel.


They would clearly have an advantage over club players from being in an intercounty conditioning program. Any other reasons for this belief?


Just that they had not previously been called up…and when they joined the football panel, they never got picked- or rarely. That’s all.


I understand your grief there,just thought the badness and undermining the hurlers idea was OTT




Is the big mural of Aido still on the wall of Quinn’s?


Lads are developing at different ages,we’ve all seen players excel at underage and not make it at Adult and vice versa. We all seem to believe that lads are being brought in as training fodder etc and yes they happen to be in our opinion better Hurlers. Look at Eric Lowdnes, he was knocking on the door for years with footballers and had finally made a break into match day panel.
From what I see with JG, and this is true also with Pat Gilroy. Everyone in the panel has a specific job to do with the system, and that system is to win Sam or Liam. They see something in a particular player that fits that system, and with a bit of Development can add to a team being successful. If Cormac Costello’s only job is to come in with 10 Minutes to go and score three points to kill of the oppositions chance of getting back into the game, we’ll thats his job, and he’s done it well.


I think that was a beer stain.


Could have been a worse sort of stain…woof woof :wink:


Would like to seen Brady at full back as played a year there under Jim Gavin at u21. Wasn’t good enough to play in forwards. Did he do cruciate twice?


Yeah think he did one and then other on returning


Jim Gavin had great time for Brady.



Two conundrums . As you said , you’d nearly have your hands over your eyes when either attempt a shot on goal . MDMA must have very little faith in taking a point . Generally in a position to score hell settle for fisting it over the bar . In '11final , i think we were a point up at the end after Bernos score & he went for a score and sent it into the abyss of the hill . I’d say that put him off for life .
As for Eoghan , i still think his best display , scoring wise was in a league match against Laois in Portlaois in '12. Was outstanding .For all the static he gets , he has scored or contributed to some very important games down through the years . I still regard that goal against Tyrone in '10 as a major turning point for us .Finally getting a win over them .Got the insurance goal in '13 against Kerry. And scored an important point again against Kerry in '16 i think .
Both guys are limited in certain skills sets but , boy , have they been influential when needed .


Mick Bohane mentioned O’Gara improved hugely as a result of drills that involve using two balls simultaneously


Let’s be honest…We’ve all tried that line in our time.


Tom always had a great attitude. while it’s always a shame to lose a starting hurler to a fringe role with the football panel, it’s a free world, what can you do.


Brady I could always understand. He was a good footballer as a young lad. Reffed him loads of times and always felt he could have gone either way. I think he was wasted with the footballers but there you go. As you stated. Fellas are free to choose.

But Schutte is utterly baffling. There’s fifty football players in Dublin that could do the job he’s doing for dublin. There are very few hurlers to replace him. It’s an awful waste of resources imho and I cannot understand what Gavin sees in him that he doesn’t see in the likes of O’Chonaighle or the two Shane Carthys for example.


Good post, @alanoc. I don’t mean to belittle what you said but Jim has 4 All-Ireland Senior wins as Dublin manager, you (and me, for that matter) have none. Maybe what Jim sees in Scutte is an example of why Jim is so successful. Yes, he has great players at his disposal but he is also a very astute and clever individual.


With due respect he can’t see much in him as he never gets into a serious game. There’s plenty of others could do the same job. The same cannot be said about he hurling. I’m not sure you need to win four All Ireland’s to see that.