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I agree with the sentiment … but ‘permitted’??? They are grown men with freedom of choice. Don’t think permitting comes into it.


It is one thing to want to leave the hurling panel. It is entirely another to be welcomed on to the football panel when you are clearly not good enough. I used the wrong word when saying ‘permitted’. Neither would be on the football panel otherwise and they were facilitated out of badness, to undermine hurling.


To make statements like that you clearly have facts to back them up.


Ah I dunno. Personally I think Schutte should be hurling and that Tomas Brady gave his best IC years sitting on a football bench when he could have been an integral part of a successful (and potentially even more successful) hurling team. But both are adults and free to choose and clearly don’t see things the way you and I do.


What evidence do you need? They were not called onto football panel. They were on the hurling panel. Both moved to the football panel, to sit on the bench and get the odd token run out. That do you?


Some lads might prefer be part of one of the best football panels of all time, and collect the medals that go along with that. I would think the football set-up is a bit more along the lines of a pro sports person , compared either to most other counties, or Dublin hurlers.

Are the footballers better looked after in other ways maybe?


I wouldn’t say Brady was ‘clearly not good enough’. He wasn’t that far behind the likes of Bastick. Got a couple of bad injuries when he looked like breaking through to the next step.
Obviously, he was a better hurler. But that could be as much to do with there being much less competition for places with the hurlers.


To suggest somebody did something out of badness and to undermine hurling I think you would need a bit more than that. I mean the Dublin football management are one of the most successful of all time I doubt they would have achieved what they have done by making petty decisions like that.


Evidence??? I’m not looking for evidence! I don’t get you at all here. What are you trying to say. That people on the hurling panel should not be allowed to move to the football panel? That grown men - amateur sportsmen - are prevented from doing things of their own free will because you don’t like it???


Maybe they both preferred playing football to hurling, could that not be the simple consideration. Do do not owe you or anyone else time playing one sport over another unless they choose to do that for themselves.


I fully agree that the players do not owe anybody anything. I just believe that neither would have been called up to the football panel except for the fact that they were on the hurling panel. Every time a decent hurler moves to being a sub on the football panel, it makes it harder for the hurlers to win. My nom de plume on here may give a clue as to why I would be unhappy with that.


Jaysus Iomaint that is starting to get a bit Jim Corr like. You really think that the only reason Brady and Shutte got called up for football because they were on the hurling panel! are you suggesting that the football management are trying to undermine hurling in Dublin?


Tomas said he played football first and was a much as footballer as a hurler. He obviously believed he was good enough to get on the first 15 and wanted to try.


Brady was very good. On a lesser team he would have been a stand out player I think. He was just short of being a first 15 player on one of the best teams of all time.

But in general, I totally get a guy wanting to get an All Ireland medal and play in front of 80K people. He didn’t get to be called up by Dublin footballers by being an average footballer, at some stage he put serious effort into his football and deserves the reward for it.

I think there is a case for ‘guidance’ being given by the county board to a player who could be number 32 on one panel and a key component of the other. But that is hard to do, these guys are amateurs and can play where they want. But I think there is scope for a bit of imagination / mediation to come into it.


What I dont get is this idea that football management would want to damage hurling just for the sake of it


Ah come on now WiFi, Brady was not very good. I saw him several times for NaF in SFC in Parnell and he was no where near the standard required for inter county while as a hurler, he was very very good. As a buddy of mine said about him “he’s not even the first cousin of an inter county footballer”!

I mean no disrespect to Tomás at all here by the way. I admire any member of the panel that makes our team as good as we are. Every little piece of the jigsaw is as important as the next and if Tomás brings something to the training (same as Schutte) and it helps make our team better, then I’m all for it!

I do wish he would have stayed hurling though, he was top class at the small ball!


I don’t think they were called up because they were hurlers, but I think a bit of consideration could have been given to it. The footballers asked Treanor of Vincents at one time when he was on the hurling panel, but he could never have made the football team (I think), and I thought at the time that was a bit uncalled for. But having said that, he had had a good championship and deserved as much as a shot as anyone.

I don’t think the footballer take the hurlers into account in anyway. For better or worse. And maybe that is the only way it can work.

I think there might be some scope for centralization in some aspects though. Yes, these guys are amatuers, but fairly well looked after ones. But that is really difficult to achieve. The minute one player is encouraged to go one way rather then the other the manager who lost out gets thick about it. At the moment, it is all left to the player and no one else’s head is on the block.


Wouldn’t agree there @Wifi. We are not talking underage or minors here. In both cases they were mature guys who were well capable of making their own minds up. Having a third party advise them they may not be up to this or that could have proved very counterproductive. Brady stuck around for 4/5 years and could have decided after 2/3 with little or no game time that he should go back to the hurling but he didn’t. Totally his own decision and rightly so.


Yep, I wish he stayed hurling as well. But he had something to contribute at football too. You are right, he wasn’t a stand out at club, but he had an amazing physicality which meant the step up to county was no big deal for him. In league and O Byrne cup games he was often one of the best on the field. It was only when the summer came and things speeded up he slipped down the ranking a bit. But if he was with an Ulster county, which is game would have suited, I think he would have been a mainstay of the team.


Ah that’s a tad harsh.

Eoghan O’Gara and MDMA were not exactly Rolls Royce footballers either, when they first came on the scene. It took years before they were moulded into the players they later became and we stopped watching them from behind our hands, behind the sofa. (Some of us probably still will, if they start tomorrow. :roll_eyes: )

Who is to say the same wouldn’t have happened to TB, if the same opportunities were afforded to him?