2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


you have to be in possession of the ball as you fall to the ground before you can strike it away with the hand.


He probably can’t be both, a man marker and a guy driving forward. For most of underage he was the extra defender, so could do it I guess.

His role now seems to be very similar to how he played in the u21 final. That one game seems to have defined how he will play at senior. But I agree, it is very different to the rest of his underage career.


Not in the instance I am thinking of, I will try to find a clip. But even if it is knocked, I don’t think that makes it allowable, I think the guy has to be still in possession when he falls.


:+1: I think the one I’m thinking was MDMA - and near the halfway Hogan side.

While the ref doesn’t matter in such games I thought Reilly gave some absolutely baffling decisions. He gave a free against a Dublin player with about 20 to go which was just astonishing - can’t remember exact but remember being bamboozled!


This is the one I had in mind, it’s Kevin Mc I think. Just before half time


MDMA is innocent. He got the boot to it, I think, to keep it in play before that.


Just don’t think he’s as sticky as he once was and I certainly wouldn’t be putting him on the oppositions best forward like we once did but what he does bring to the table i.e his aggression and attacking strengths not others bring.
I think with Jim it’s definitely Horses for courses going forward and the lads at the back will be chosen on the opposing teams forwards.


Nice ‘soccer’ point Philly got on Sunday


Would put McCarthy on Comer. He often man marked Michael Murphy. Comer alternates between full and centre forward


Here’s an alternate team, using nobody from your 15 @JJ1916. Shows our strength of panel that even missing our first 15 (if that’s what it is) we could put out a team like this.

  1. Cluxton – Comerford
  2. Phily – Davy Byrne (injured??)
  3. JC - Mick Fitz
  4. Murchan – Darren Daly
  5. Jack Mc – Eric Lowndes
  6. Cian – Emmet O Conghaile
  7. JS – C McHugh
  8. Fenton – MDMA
  9. James Mc – M Schutte
  10. Scully – Flynn
  11. Con – Kevin Mac
  12. Howard – Basquell
  13. Mannion – Andrews
  14. Dean – EOG
  15. CK – Costello


That’s a very good exercise. The B team could even be improved a bit I think with other names, but that’s a personal choice thing.

But… we are strong, no doubt. But I think we had a better 15 in the past. The team at the moment is probably better then the sum of its parts. We don’t have the ‘marquee forward’ that every team is supposed to have for instance. Now this is going to be controversial but I think the likes of McBrearty, McManus, Comer, maybe Walsh are all better as traditional forwards then anything we have.

But I think we are creating a new paradigm of sorts. One where skill and consistency of skill set is more important then 2 or 3 big plays. Having said that I would kill for a Connolly type who can lash the ball over the bar from 45m on the wing.

But I think we are beatable this year. If we had Connolly I think we would be as near a sure thing as you can have. But without him we are very dependent on management making the right calls at the right time.


Agree. Jaysus though, that’s just given me a flashback to Curran on Mickey Linden! :confounded:


No , question . But maybe the week off might shake Con & Mannion up.


Worryingly true. Mannion has not become the player we thought he might. However we do now have Howard, we have Jack and James who both create and score, Fento can do anything in terms of scoring on his day, Cossie looks to be on fire, if Con finds form he’s deadly, then we’ve got Flynner as back-up, and add in what Dean, Mannion, and the other lads can do if they get the chance, that’s still alot of scoring.

But we need to take goal chances. If any team stops us getting goals, I do fear we may not out score a really top opponent on points the way we have managed a couple of times in the past.


Jaysus… remember when that lad from Vincent’s was considered as one of the best players ever, never mind in Dublin? Now, he can’t even make a 2nd string XV.


It was a big struggle not to put his name in.


The lad Cooper?


JC no3


And no Bernard Brogan listed on the b-team either, never mind Connolly! Man, we have depth to the square-root of infinity right now.


I see Schutte got his token run against Roscommon. An awful shame that the likes of himself and Brady were permitted to make that move. Both known to have no chance at the football. Simply permitted to undermine hurling.