2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


33,240 in attendance according to reports. All the people saying they wouldn’t get 20,000 sure look dumb now.


I think Philly started on him and them Mick Fitz picked him up after 15/20 minutes, but the defence is so fluid these days that it can be hard to track who is marking who.


Two very strange refereeing decisions in this game. The ball was going out for a line ball and a Dublin player dived full length to blatantly thump it along the ground to keep it in play.,Also the Basquel one where he releases the ball and had both hands outstretched- but the Roscommon player holds the ball against him. The ref was very close and must have seen Basquel wasn’t holding the ball, but still gave the free for over carrying.


I’d drop Fitz personally, really don’t think he played well yesterday


Basquel did get the assist for O’Gara’s 1st goal.


Ian Burke is a wizard. I think Murch is best suited to marking him. Could even try what he did with Michael Daly last year and try and put him on the back foot a bit - maybe, obviously easier done playing centre back versus corner back.


You think so about Philly? I used to think similar but he seems to stand up as the games get bigger, think Gavin recognises this. Not sure he has the pace to match Comer though so wouldn’t be surprised to see Cooper mark him.

I think Jack’s defending makes him more open to being replaced but whether Gavin feels Galway will expose it enough is another thing, he might think Jack’s pace going forward is a decent trade-off.

Fenton and McCarthy are the best midfield in the country, I wonder if McCarthy is at his best however.


Some head on O’Gara post-match.


Cooper would annoy the ■■■■ out of him , just what we need . Disrupt him big time.


Comer may get a Dub sent off. He might make more of a contribution doing that rather than on the scoreboard. Run at a defender, pull defender down on top of him. But people seem to think he’s the second coming of Kev Mac.


Unfortunately , that may well happen .
There’s alot been written about Galway’s dark arts recently . Cool heads needed , and jim will sling anyone off whose sailing close to the wind. He’s done it with Cooper before , think it was the Longford game.


Nearly worked here…Start at 3.57 and watch the replay from behind the goal as he pulls Cooper all over the gaff.


I wouldn’t let a defender on a yellow anywhere near the cheating geebag.

This team has greater ambitions than worrying about Diving Damo.


Would agree with this but it can be done like Philly did with Cooper in 2015. But I think Murchan is definitely being told not to go forward because we’re seeing nothing like the bursts forward we saw with him at underage. He’s been excellent so far but we’ve still not seen the best of him me thinks


Considering it’s only his first year at senior I think it’s fair to say we shouldn’t be expecting to see the best of him yet. IMO he is doing very nicely for his first year.


Seriously @Wifi … I am worried about you at this stage. We have discussed the above at length in recent times. It’s legal.


The other one was very odd though. How does a player overcarry when both his arms are stretched out and the opposition player is holding the ball against his chest?

Unless our cunning AIG jerseys have Velcro on them…


From the Official Guide (part 2)
1.2 When the ball is on the ground, it may be
played by any part of the body except the
hand(s). It may be lifted off the ground with the
(i) The goalkeeper may play the ball on the
ground with his hand(s) inside his own
small rectangle.
(ii) Any player who falls or is knocked to the
ground while in possession of the ball may
fist or palm the ball away on the ground,
and may score by so doing


Thanks for the concern, it’s greatly appreciated :+1:.

But as has been pointed out, the player had to be in the possession of the ball and then fallen. You can’t just dive in any ould passing ball.


Was it not knocked out of the Dublin player’s possession?