2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


Think the back 6 will be fitz philly cooper james mc cian and Jack. Through not fault of his own Small has missed a few games this year.


Cian not the man for Comer, nor Murchan. Cooper wasted on man-marking I would feel so it’s Philly or Fitz or both unless Gavin does a surprise with Daly or Byrne. Byrne seems out of the running.
Least likely option would be McCarthy on Comer if MDMA has 70 minutes in him.


MDMA lasted the full 70 though yesterday, didn’t he?

Dunno, think he’d have been hooked earlier if he was going to start v Galway.

Semi thread is open btw.


Why is Cooper wasted as a man marker ?

He’s one of the only ones we have !!!


Comer threw Philly around like a rag doll in the league. He’s a hard man to go 1 v 1 with as once he has ball in hand he’s a wrecking ball.
If Mick Dara starts I think Small misses out.
Reality is our best hb line is James Cian and Jack Mc.
Logic says that The 7 who weren’t even on the bench today Murchan Fento Howard CK Rock Mannion and Con will probably start. Maybe question marks 're Con.


Mick Fitz, Philly and Cooper are certs to play.

I think Jack might be the odd man out, certainly if you judge it entirely on defensive ability. Both Small and O’Sullivan should probably start, with either Howard or McCarthy, depending on what happens in midfield. Flynn looks sharp (bar some shooting - I don’t think he meant that either) and MacAuley is moving well too, so we might see McCarthy move back to halfback, assuming he starts.

Scope for changes in every line bar fullback I reckon.


Any team named yet :disappointed_relieved:


You’re in at full forward, don’t screw up.


Won’t be a high ball into the square strategy then?


Jim has his generals, I just happen to think the guys named are some of them. Unless injured/suspended, he starts Mick Fitz and Smally. I’d say if Comer plays inside the 14, there’ll be a man marker (maybe Fitz) and a man playing just in front of him (maybe Philly).


That’s low.


Put it in low, hi.


I don’t think Philly is a certainty anymore and I think Jamesy will play midfield alongside Fento


Just watched the National League Final again and interesting to note how many times Comer got frees when he was actually dragging his opponent or diving.


I think we have 4 certain starting forwards. Deano, Mannion, Con and Kilkenny. On the latter … granted the Rossies were not defensive but did we miss the lateral handpassing …? Anyway on yesterday’s showing I would add Cormac and the last place would go to Brian H. Again on yesterday I would leave MDMA where he is and add Fento. In defence Cian, Jamesy and JC are definites. I thought MF was not great yday - second goal especially. For experience I think Jack Mc, Philly and John S might get the nod - but MF, Eric, Scullly, Murchan or Buttsy (who was rock solid) could just as easily feature … you never know with Jim G


Murchan is a specialist for certain types of players I think, I don’t think we will see him every day.

Midfield was poor enough yesterday, actually it improved considerably when Schutte appeared. But MDMA is a percentage call. If he gets through on even one of those runs it is probably worth the four or five turnovers that will happen when he doesn’t. I am just glad I am not the manager that has to call it.

I assume Comer will be handled by the positioning of the extra defender. We don’t really have a defender with the power to handle him one on one. ROC in his time yes, but not now. Byrne might have been an option, but he obviously isn’t back yet or he would have appeared yesterday.


Did we do that in the league final ?
He was running riot for the first 20 minutes & then was quiet . Philly is probably the only defender stong enough to deal with him but does he have the pace to keep up with him is the question . Should definitely tag team him when the ball comes in.


Line blatantly robbed from Con Houlihan methinks. Pat has neither the wit nor the originality to come up with that himself.


I think he acknowledged that by mentioning con.


Only because he knew such educated & erudite folk such as us, would call him out on it. :wink: