2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


classic spillane
kerry football flowers only house private


Some amount of utter rubbish from Spillane. That and his insistence on speaking this rubbish at 100 mph!


“If there was any team I’d like to manage it would be Kildare…all their natural footballers [unlike Dublin]”



I reckon we could see this

  1. Cluxton
  2. Phily
  3. JC
  4. Murchan
  5. Jack Mc
  6. Cian
  7. JS
  8. Fenton
  9. James Mc
  10. Scully
  11. Con
  12. Howard
  13. Mannion
  14. Dean
  15. CK


His view also that everything that has gone wrong with Kerry is down to EF! Good grief!

Have to say I love this Kerry delusion. Bit like Mayo they will never fix what needs to be fixed unless they can recognize what’s wrong. Anyways they’ve loads of time to build up their hurt & hunger for next year :grin:


You’ve two Howards and no Fenton?




and no injuries nor suspensions nor in need of recovery time. Galways walsh got lenghty treatment yesterday for what appeared an achilles problem . He was below par yesterday. All in our favour.


I am not sure who Murchan would mark. He can’t operate as a traditional corner back. It would lad be very high risk to leave him one on one with someone playing in the corner forward position.

Con might wear 11, but he spends 90% of his time in the full forward line.

But that team won’t be far off. MDMA or not will be a big call.


Dare I say it, but the handicap is 6 for next weekend. Will be bet easily again.


am certain Galway will deliberately trying to rile us and get us “ involved “ in stuff … while agree small will n shud play I imagine he is number 1 on “ get under his skin” list


I reckon you will be close there, if not spot on.


Apparently Paddy Andrews only scored one point rather than 2.


No way Mick Fitz is dropped.


He was dropped for the Tyrone game and I suspect him or Philly will miss out next week.


Rochey, you told us no way Fitz or Small will be dropped. So who will make up the back 6 ?
If there’s no way Fitz will be dropped what happened him for Tyrone game?

Jim spoilt for choice, we still have Lowndes and Daly on bench


Fitz, Cooper, Philly
Jack, Cian, Small - James to midfield ?

Possibility that Murchan comes in to Man Mark Burke with Mick fitz to lose out. John Small likely to pick up Shane Walsh.


If MDMA is selected at midfield, you’re looking at James at 6, Cian into the full-back line and only one from Fitz, Philly and Murchan starting as I can’t see Cooper not starting.


Cooper is our best player in defense, of course he will start


Agreed with that. Comer is a powerful unit, I’d say Phily will be asked to match up against him. Could be wrong but I think Phily started on him in League but was taken off him after not too long