2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


Think all the performances today will come with an asterisk beside them as they were against Roscommon with nothing to play for. I doubt there are many selection headaches to be honest. All of the rested players will start.

Positionally how we fit Howard, Fenton and McCarthy may be only influence on other starters like MDMA. Small or McCaffrey. Con O’Callaghan or Mannion wouldn’t have been rested if they weren’t going to start along with Scully. Kev Mac did well today but confirmed for me he is an impact player. The only possible bolter is O’Gara. Jim thinks a lot of him started him at 14 in the final last year and JIm has experimented with having Kilkenny at 14 to win ball and score goals. Rock is a nailed on starter so it would only be to another in the FF line and I’m not sure who would come out.

I thought it was unusual Murchan didn’t play and if i’m right wasn’t on the bench. Thought he did a great job against Sludden in Tyrone and wouldn’t have minded him getting more game time, but as the banner in front of me said ‘In Jim we Trust’


Im fairly sure he has started every championship game this year, no impact sub games . There’s no reason to change that now . And it’s not like we are overflowing with midfieiders .Frankly , it would be ridiculous to drop him to bench to spring him later . This is 2018 , not like a couple of years ago when his form was up & down.


Can we please ban this having * after Dublin results.

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For some reason, two of the last four games I’ve made it home for have been against the Rossies (the breaking of the unbeaten record at the back end of the NFL last year and today). I’ve obviously run over a few dogs, cats & gazelles recently without noticing…

Cormac C was a joy to watch. Injuries & a certain Dean Rock have combined to limit his contribution but he won’t have done his cause any harm today.
Flynner reeled in the years today. A cornerstone of why we are where we are today, great to see him firing over from distance. Something we seem to see less & less of.
Good to see a couple of younger backs getting some game time. We’re gonna need to see more of that in the coming years. Murchan missing out today might be more telling of his progress than we realise, in the eyes of Gavin.


Sure !


I’d say Murchan is nailed on starter with job of keeping Burke quiet on Saturday, Galway’s most intelligent forward


You put forward the motion and I’ll second it. No * beside results just think its a little naive for some people who think the likes of Paul Flynn who played all 70+ minutes today and played well will start in six days time. It was horses for courses.Was trying to guess the starting 15 for the next day and its a tough one to get -

  1. Stephen Cluxton;
  2. Michael Fitzsimons,
  3. Johny Cooper
  4. Philly McMahon,
  5. James McCarthy,
  6. Cian O’Sullivan
  7. Brain Howard,
  8. Brian Fenton,
  9. Michael Darragh Macauley
  10. Niall Scully,
  11. Con O’Callaghan,
  12. Ciarán Kilkenny;
  13. Paul Mannion,
  14. Dean Rock,
  15. Paddy Andrews/ Costello/ McManamon/ McCaffrey/Small/OGara/ Flynn/Murchan (pick one and rearrange the troops)


Hed be a starter on any other team .
Id say he might have even made the Kerry forward line .


You drop John Small to your teams detriment.


I’d agree he’s very solid i think he’ll be halfback James McCarthy into midfield and Howard at HF. Only thing holding Small back this year is he hasn’t played a huge amount of football, red card against Donegal denied chance of him starting in Tyrone. Think some of the performances today were very encouraging but I dont see them dislodging the other lads


I agree. As long as he keeps the cool he is a seriously good player with a great work-rate.


Worringly, I haven’t been this confident of Dublin winning Sam prior to an All-Ireland semi-final since 1978.
Dublin, on the cusp of four-in-a-row and Kerry not in a position to do anything about it.


There’s no way we start an All Ireland semi final without a fit Jack Mc. An abundance of talent at half back, Howard to half fwds or midfield


Yep. Galway are gonna bring a lot of edge to this game. We need Smallie there to fight fire with fire.


Who do you leave out then ? Jack is a massive option coming off the shoulder against a defence like Galways but again can only start 15 so it will be an interesting week. No matter what team is named you can be sure of at least 1-2 changes before throw in.


The evolution Gavin has implemented is something to behold really. The ‘blooding’ of players seems so gradual that you hardly notice guys building experience before your eyes. John Small, CON, Scully…Jack Mc & Mannion skip a year, parachute back in without missing a beat…now Howard making a shirt his own in his first year. Fair play to all those who played their parts in nurturing these lads from a young age too. Serious work.


Zero chance of Smally getting dropped.


O Gara awarded MOTM on Sunday Game tonight.


Small starts all day imo. McCaffrey too. Positions will mean nothing in this game.


Deservedly so. Looks like he went twelve rounds with Apollo Creed.