2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


This why Kilkenny should start at 14 or Full forward


I agree with you in the sense the team has no problem creating chances. There hasn’t been any issues with players there. But in a season with injuries, absentees, three players in particular have to keep the scoring ticking over. Kilkenny won’t be dropped but there is scope for one change.


He would be a loss on the 40 though. It’s a pity there isn’t two of him!


It depends how defensive Galway set up I suppose.


A very good team selection today gave a lot of fringe players a bit of playing time instead of just being on the b team in training sessions.

Paul Flynn was very good and never stopped running for the 70 minutes , covered an amount of ground and finished with a impressive 1.3 in contention for next week.

Costello was excellent 9 point in about 40 minutes play is no mean feat again another selection headache for Jim.

Big Eoin was a torment all day won everything thrown at him and two lovely goals and two points. Adds a different dimention to the team but I dont see him starting .
Darren Daly as usual was sound as was Lowndes who never has a bad game.

Michael Daragh scoring a goal with his foot one for the archive, had a busy day .
Thought Schutte did well when he came on scored a nice point and caught two good balls , I’m sure he was happy to see some playing time for all his efforts on the training pitch. Would like to see him get a few games next year if he doesnt go back hurling.
It was a you score one and well score two type of game but wasnt too happy to see us conceed 2.16. But it was an entertaing game of free flowing football and plenty of scores. Next week will be totally different and we will have players nicely rested.
Jim will have a few selection headaches which is good for all concerned so roll on next weekend.


Galway don’t do offensive. They beat Kerry cause Kerry had no interest in trying to open them up. It was like a basketball game in the middle third. Monaghan showed the blue print of how to take them on last night. I’d expect Jim to follow suit, though I’m sure he knows more than me. I’d expect a few of our marquee players to shine inside next week. Namely mannion, con, cormac and kev depending who starts and finishes. Deano is a given.


No selection headache. Be prepared for the usual to start. Howerd has become undroppable


Costello has to start, and Flynn might too.


Flynn will be an impact sub as will MDMA

There is no reason to start them against Galway


?? Hows he losing his place


mdma is at his best when he’s a sub - 2015 and 2916 finals prove that


Ah he’s been handy enough when he started roo!


Ah he’s been handy enough when he started too!


He’s a time traveler now .
Who is going to take his place ?
McCarthy ?
Has mdma been a sub at all in the championship ?


Because Jim is the boss, and he sees MDMA as an impact player as opposed to a 75 minute man. Frankly I agree with him.


I would agree with that generally. His probing runs are particualry useful against tired defences. But he has started most games this year. I think Jim will start him next week.


Game was ideal really, giving everyone on the panel some game time


I must look up to see how many games he’s come off the bench in the championship this year …


Mdma will start next week that’s for sure. Flynn to play role of impact sub.


I was counting the league too. He was probably pissed off to get so little game time last year so I think he knuckled down over the winter to get his place back.