2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


His record thus far hasn’t been stellar in that regard. The finish was sublime though.


I think what today shows, which we know already, is that our supporting cast up front are pretty good, but our defensive back up are a way off the best few.

In terms of team selection it was very noticeable what the plan was. All those who’d started all games were left out. Those in line to play next week were hooked early.

Feel sorry for Mullaly who’s first contribution to championship football was an OG


Ill say one thing , and it might be a bold statement , but O’Gara just may have played himself into a starting spot against Galway.


No idea how fellas are going in training, but the two lads have done all you could ask of them during games in terms of putting pressure on starters, granted today was insignificant game.


Great to see Bernard get on and really good reception for him. Didn’t think he looked in his best shape, he looked really lean when injury struck, but that’s understandable. His appearance had a token gesture feel about it. I’m sure lads will be will be quick to point out that Jim doesn’t do sentiment, but wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make any further match day panels this year … but I’d love to be proven wrong


It was what it was thought Basquel and McHugh were trying a little too hard and didn’t offload ball when they could have.

Thought James McCarthy second half appearance and keeping mdma on for the full 70 slightly odd. James has been totally underestimated since 2011 for the quality of what he does and could 100% understand why he was minding himself, with the game in the bag didn’t see a need to play him at all.

Delighted for BB for the comeback, Paul Flynn and ogara freaking in the years and I think that was Darren Dalys first ever championship start (open to correction on that last one)

Overall the super 8s the jury is out for me, needs some changes because is was essentially div 1 of the league split in two and played over a condensed period of time.


As I said for me O Gara was MOTM, but I reckon Costello is higher up the pecking order and I think he would a more natural subsitute for a few of the lads that could be under pressue


Agree with that , O’Gara can be hit & miss but today he was outstanding . Only thing is i wouldn’t be expecting him to change a game like CC if he was to come on .I’d rather start him & see how he goes .


Where was Con? Thought that would’ve been a perfect game for him.
**Didn’t read the thread pre-game, couldn’t be arsed.


Dunno. Imagine he was just given the day off. There wasn’t any announcement that he was injured or anything.


And you expect us read your short extracts:joy:


He needed a break .


Cooper, howard, Fenton , Rock, Ck and Con were given the day off ( not listed in panel )

Presumably ( and likely ) because they are rested and more importingly didn’t have a direct replacement for their position


Con needed a game to clear the dirty diesel or whatever it’s been. Wonder will he get his game on sat? First half at least looks like a war of trenches but maybe Galway have a big attacking game up their slieveens to shock us all…


Just got this email from the GAA Season Ticket Office…

Please note that Bring a Friend is not in operation for these fixtures.

Tickets will go on general sale for both semi-finals tomorrow morning (Monday, August 6th) via gaa.tickets.ie and through participating Super Valu & Centra stores.


“Pay & Play” applies to this fixture.

We will be processing payments and allocating your ticket(s) for your County’s fixture on Tuesday August 7th and you will then be able to log in to your account and download your match ticket(s) from 5.30pm.

The pricing is as follows:

Adult €40 (€5 discount included)

Juvenile €5


Happy for Costello. Fella with the complete skill set but hasn’t been able to get a regular run. I think of all the possible changes next week he could get a nod.


He definitely start some games in 13’


I’ve a huge amount of respect for this guy. He’s unfortunate to be in direct competition with some of the greatest players to play for Dublin, and has never been able to nail down a spot in starting team. But anytime he’s called upon he’s always ready and always does a fine job. Seems to be a go to man for Jim when we are trying to close our finals. He gives it everything all year, but plays very few mins over the year, a tough ask


A lot will depend on if Sean Andy O Ceallaigh is ok after injury. He did a fairly decent job on O Callaghan in last years 21 final.

I actually think Con has been on a par this year with last year. He is just missing the headline scores, he is getting on as much ball and proving a very useful ball receiver in the full forward line. Not every ball he gets is easy to get hold of.


I always think a manager has made it when people know what they think. How many times did we hear Cody doesn’t do this, or Cody doesn’t do that, we hear it now about Gavin. The reality is that if people could replicate every decision, they would be top managers too.