2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


No so sure bout dat … granted he got the goal v Tyrone but was turned over several times

Hope ur right …he’s a massive part of this team


Dublin 4-24 Roscommon 2-16

Eoghan O’Gara 2-2, Cormac Costello 0-8 (0-2f, 1 '45), Paul Flynn 1-3, Michael Darragh McCauley 1-0, Kevin McManamon 0-3 (0-2f), Paddy Andrews and Conor McHugh 0-2 each, Philly McMahon, John Small, Mark Schutte, Paddy Small 0-1 each

Flynn with a screamer which I’m pretty sure he meant. So Michael Darragh McCauley scores a goal once every Olympiad it seems '10,'14,'18. Seems a tactic that Eric Lowndes keeps lauchng those high balls in towards the full-forward line. He must to have done that at least 4 times today. It lead to 3 good goal chances for O’Gara, Costello, and McHugh. 1-2 in that return. Costello clearly has his confidence back. Points aside he was always looking for a space to run into rather that go out wide and hand pass it back. Don’t why McCarthy came on in the second half. Now I know Mark Schutte is actually still a good footballer. Took 2 nice fetches in the middle of the park. Cuala have to be favorites to win the senior B Championship.


O gara looks like he has lost a bit of weight , abit more mobile witout losing his physicality. If you follow the logic that Kilkenny, fenton ,cooper ,rock ,mannion, CON didnt play , and will start next week .IMO mannion and CON places are up for grabs , would start flynn and costello instead


Watching it back here. Thought Carney was going to start crying when Murtagh missed that goal chance around the 53rd minute. He’s some tulip.


Happy enough with that in general, although the game really lacked intensity. Biggest concern was our defensive organisation in the second half, it was regularly poor but was somewhat explained by the fact that our main organisers Cian, Small and Cooper were all absent.

As others have said Costello was good (my motm) and I’d guess his early withdrawal is an indication that he is inline for a start next week. I thought O’Gara had a good game and showed his value to the panel, he offers us something no other player does. Kev had a decent performance and was much more intelligent in his use of the ball than usual.


Was their an offical MOTM?


O’gara was great at keeping ball and bringing others into it. Pass to Flynn fir his super goal was very good. Looks really lean and didn’t look happy coming off…


Usually announced on the evening highlights programme.


Whst was attendance




Few points .
Andrews had a bit of a mare today , nothing went right for him though not for the want of trying .I wonder has he been like this in training too.
O’Gara was excellent , was a perfect target man & was delighted for him today .
This was exactly what Cossie needed , let the shackles off & away he went .
Flynn & Kevin very productive too .
Anyone know what the story was with Bernos brief appearance . Was it a blood sub ?
Joy welled up inside me when i saw him enter the fray .


It looked like Schutte went off for a concussion check or something.


According to the oracles at RTE it was a blood sub for Schutte


Berno was a blood sub for Schütte. Actually thought Schütte did well, although the opposition wasn’t exactly stellar.


Blood sub yeah. 4 mins on the field.

Andrew’s holiday in Kerry seems to have changed him as a man and a footballer.


O Gara MOTM for me. But the reality is there no real intensity so difficult to judge lads.


I’d go for Costello. He could of scored more if he wasn’t subbed after 45 min.


Delighted to see such healthy performances by Flynn. Mc menamin, MDMc C and Costello.All showed really well. Whole different ball of wax next week against the Tribes. I see attrition in our future.


He’s a big unit , never saw him in the flesh before .Wonder could he be converted to a midfielder .


Special mention for the goal , he took it well .
Was half expecting him to make a hames of it :joy: