2018 Super 8's, Dublin V Roscommon, 5th August, 3:30pm, Croke Park


I think Andrews is doing ok actually. Out of the forwards probably Basquel is the one who needs to get into it more.


McCarthy coming on for the second half is bizzare.


Goal against Tipp in 2010 Qualifer?


Woeful second goal to concede.


Bit early for Christmas presents. Very sloppy. In fairness at the other end some scoring tally with 15 mins left.


Ah, delira for Berno. :blue_heart:


McHugh very unwilling to pass. I’m sure Jim has noticed.


Check out Maxis last point and see who gave the scoring pass.


What about the 3 points we didn’t score because he wouldn’t first the ball to the man coming off his shoulder?


Are you sure you’re not mixing him up with Basquel?


That’s a big score to concede against a poor side.


Because they look the same??


I’m assuming you will be updating the score returns for all dublin players later.


It was as expected a de facto training match. That said we shouldn’t be conceding that much to a poor team like Roscommon (with all due respect to them)


Conor McHughs last point costing me money, had the Tyrone, Roscommon +14 double, not impressed that we didn’t play keep ball and see out the game…


No. But genuinely didn’t think he got on that amount of ball . He scored 2, missed a free (badly!) and passed to Maxi for a score. Didn’t see where he got 3 more Possessions where he should given the scoring pass.


Nothing worth discussing, no injuries, no suspensions. Lock her up and move on to next Saturday.


James McCarthy is not playing well.


Agree on Mc carthy


McCarthy is saving himself, the guy has been outstanding all year