2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


My dad videoed the final, I think one of the Dublin players was interviewed going off at half time he was raging " that performance will not win an all Ireland!" to the camera. Who was that?


In 95 BigP, in 95… Seriously, you think I’d forget Rock, Keaveney, Sheehy, et al?
Tomkins was virtually finished, as was the Meath chap 80s/early 90s. You could argue maybe Down (Blaney?) or Donegal (Boyle? Bonner?) or Derry (Tohill) were all class too, as they were. But perhaps past-it by 95.


Dont really see what the big deal is if he was the best free taker in 95. That doesnt make the frees in final any better


It was an All-I final. No other player before or since has scored 11 points (Keaveney got 2-6). That’s 12 scores. As you said, quite a few were ‘handy’ but the fact stands, 11 scores in an All-I Final.

Now my point wasn’t about Canavan playing great or scores from play, before you go off down another tangent. My point was simply that kicking all those frees etc in an All-I Final is still some achievement and I don’t think any other placed ball kicker around that time would have done it.

And you can argue about Dublin giving away soft frees but that Tyrone team at the time was all about running at the oppo hard and forcing frees. Dublin were not able to do the same, our game was different, we hit it in longer and used our (big, powerful) half-backs alot. Our forwards were quite big and physical apart from Jayo but not as pacey as Tyrone. Jayo didn’t kick points in them days.

Tyrone’s was more of a running and possession. Our half-backs plus a bit of Dessie and PC, and Jayo setting up that goal won it for us. We stopped them getting goals but they were still in the game because PTG was the one man who would’ve kicked all those frees on that day.


Think Stafford was the Meath chap from 80/90s


Brian Stafford. Went off injured in 95 Leinster Final & I don’t think he ever played again.
He was an excellent place kicker.


I have a spare terrace ticket in omagh if anyone is short.


You are some man to twist things, I am simply saying I felt Canavan got more praise than deserved for his performance that day IMO, let’s face it a point from play from a player that is one of the all time greats was a pretty poor return, I reckon Charlie would have knocked over those free too. I never said we gave away soft frees, said we gave away tap overs, two different things.
I don’t go along with your assessment that PTG was the one man who would’ve kicked all those free that day, I reckon any decent free taker would have had a good go at doing it. Paul Clarke’s and Keith Barr’s frees were better than anything Canavan kicked that day


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Is that right boss?

P I can’t argue with most of that. I think the truth about PC that day is somewhere between the accolades and the aknowledgement of what he did. If he had kicked that last free ner the end it would have been a perfect record, everyone no matter how good is prone to miss one relatively simple one and the more you take the more chance that will happen, on the law of averages, especially when you know you must get every single one for your team to have a chance.

The point about the tapovers is that Dublin prevent risk of goals by conceding those, a point which I made above but you didn’t respond to. So now I’m having to repeat myself. I may twist but equally you keep moving the argument around in circles and bringing up stuff already addressed as if it’s something new.

Dublin defended so well and so in-depth (it was an early example of almost extra men back) that Canavan never really got the opportunity, again it was a percentage thing by Dublin that day, apart from anything else it stopped Tyrone getting momentum from quick scores in succession, and inspirational scores that would have driven them on and got us on the run as happened so many times in the 6 years prior to that.