2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Do we?
Perhaps that was why the rule was put in…


So then, this wasn’t actually a foul at 20:25 then?


Incredible point from Barr there for the first point , did McGee say 60m out ??


Yes, it is a foul as the player did not have control / possession of the ball. (but would have to look at the 1995 rule book to see if this rule was in place back then!!!)


Yep that is what it looked like to me, the ball was on the ground and he struck it, he didn’t have it. But on another note, I’d say a manager would kill you nowadays if you gave away as many tap overs as we did in the final minutes, much was made of Canavan’s tally that day, but most of the frees he kicked were simple ones.


Paul Curran. What a footballer he was. Years ahead of his time. Would fit seamlessly into today’s Dublin HB line.


Reminded me of a certain mayo player there .


Heard the young lad is quite good too. On the Dublin U16 team. Forward


Didn’t see him drag anyone around the pitch.


I definitely saw frees given in the past for kickouts not going outside the 20m line (even if the receiver was), until Cluxton made people research the rule. So refs don’t aleays get it right


Favourite Dublin player of that era. Great player.


We went too deep, partly out of fear(based on alot of bad experiences the previous few years), partly because we were (eventually!) down to 14, and partly because Tyrone were a young and very pacey team, who had beaten the best of Ulster on the way(Ulster by far and away the strongest Province at the time), we were much older or at least had alot more miles on the clock. Only PTG would have stuck all the harder kicks over that day. It was agonising stuff to watch but we were clearly the better team and deserved the win.


Would have to look at it again, but I don’t seem to remember that many tough ones, I always felt the praise he got that day was down to his tally rather than the scores themselves. Just looked at them on youtube, there is a video of each point, the one from play was fairly good, one or two of frees were tricky, but nothing that most good freetakers wouldn’t be expected to get and the rest simple tap overs. I suppose the fact that he scored them all got him the praise, but I would fancy Deano to stick those over too.
Not knocking Canavan, he was a brilliant player, just saying that sometimes the media tend to judge on stats more than what actually happened.


Yes i would have curran in my greatest dublin team of all time.Even though his dad was a meath man. I think he actually played a bit up in the forwards in his early years


I can see Brian Howard being compared with Paul Curran as the years pass by, only sadly (for Curran), Howard will have a good few more All-Ireland medals!!!
Curran was a special player. Corner back was about the only position he couldn’t play :sob:


Not so good at corner back though :confounded::disappointed_relieved:

EDIT Sorry beeko didn’t see your post


Corner forward in 89 Leinster final v Meath. Lined out at midfield in at least one of the 4 games v Meath in 91.


I agree with you completely. Always felt too much was made of that 95 final total.


I meant in the context of the time, there were no others til Giles with his accuracy. Yes most of them were routine but often things aren’t so routine in the context of an All-I Final.


Not at all there were loads , before and after, Rock senior would more than likely knocked over them all, I agree it is a final and all that, but the reality is there were probably two that were difficult and at that not exceptional, but he stuck them over, but 7 or 8 were ones that you would be shooting him if he had missed, we coughed up some amount of tap overs that day.
It is not a reflection on Canavan, he did what he had to do, not his fault he was the media’s darling, I mean he got an All star for playing a bit more than half a game one year.