2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


It actually wasn’t a foul, in the rules that you can play the ball away like that if you’re knocked to the ground, can actually score from it as well!

Rule 1.2 - When the ball is on the ground, it may be played by any part of the body except the hand(s). It may be lifted off the ground with the feet.
(i) The goalkeeper may play the ball on the ground with his hand(s) inside his own small rectangle.
(ii) Any player who falls or is knocked to the ground while in possession of the ball may fist or palm the ball away on the ground, and may score by so doing.
(iii) The ball may not be lifted off the ground with the knees.


So if I fall to the ground I can touch the ball if i am in possession of it first?

Well thats perhaps half of the frees referees given being wrong…


Yep, seems a number of Refs aren’t aware of it, making the assumption the Ref on Sun was aware of it, hence no free (correctly).


It didn’t look like he did either. he actually looked like he had his hand on the ball and pushed / rolled it to Clifford rather than striking it with a palm or fist. I cant find any reference of it online.


I seem to remember a Dublin player (can’t remember which one) touching the ball off the ground while holding it with both hands (to balance himself) early in last Saturday’s game. I always thought that to be not allowed - I assumed the ref didn’t notice it.
In hurling, if a player has the sliotar in his hand, he can (I believe) touch the ball off the ground to balance himself as he has a hurl in his other hand.


Can be done in both codes!


That’s my understanding as well you can do it in hurling but not football. Seen many frees where a lad stumbled when catching a low ball and touched the ball off the ground.


I stand corrected.


He didn’t fist our palm the ball, he threw it. The rule above is there for any instance where the player is on the ground and the ball is there too, he can palm it away off the deck, that rule is there for player safety in the first instance.


It looked like an ‘attempted’ hand pass, on the ground, could have been seen as a throw. Guess the ref thought it was enough of an attempt at the hand pass.


So, PTG at the end of the 95 All Ire final?


any Opinions on our goal chance execution ?

Been a trend for quite a while now n we seem to have butchered a huge amount of sitters in last 2 games … players seem obsesssed n in 2 minds whether to go for their natural instinct ( ala scully first on Sunday ) n always finding a better option to another player to walk it in which inevitably ends in a mess.

It’s clearly part of the process but it simply ain’t working… and even when our guys do shot it seems v little practice has gone into actually placing it away from keeper …


I would say 50% of the refs and 100% of the media commentators aren’t aware of that.

I assume he couldn’t score a goal though, as he would be handpassing the ball into the net.


He can if he has lost possession, as far as I know.


You can’t handpass into the goal it’s not a valid score. If you are in possession and are knocked to the ground, the ball while on the ground can be palmed or fisted away and you can score in this way.


And @beeko - hmm shades of Joe Sheridan!


If 50% of the referees on the gaa inter county panel don’t know that rule than we are well and truly fucked.


Well we have seen plenty of players brought to the ground and done for touching the ball on the ground in the process


On light of these incredible revelations I propose that Dublin offer double or quits on the 1995 All Ireland Final based on Saturday evening’s result.


Does that mean we have to hand back the week long celebrations we enjoyed too?