2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


anybody remember the time scored a goal against us after 13 steps? 2008 or so give or take a year or 2. double what Scully took


Sure when mayo clung onto division 1 this year it was through a goal that had well over the maximum steps. Don’t remember a national inquiry into it, more of a fair play to him…


He actually didn’t, I addressed this the other day, there’s a solo in the middle of 10 steps. Quid pro quo Rodney


I know I’m a wee bit sarcastic… Der bomber that bastion of impartial punditry pointed it out. It’s such an awful pity he didn’t point out geaneys foul on the ball that gave Clifford his goal. But that’s ok… It’s ciarrai. Wholseome and organic.


A goal which may put Kerry into the semi finals it should be remembered.

It was as clear as day but not mentioned because as shure they were miles behind and it was a mere consolation. We’ll see.


It was a point … by Kevin McLoughln … ironically against Donegal too …


Every team in the country takes too many steps but the rule is never applied. As long you haven’t taken like 20 steps you should be fine. I always find it funny when people are complaining about it.

On another note highlights of Dublin v Donegal starts at 12:30 ish


Yeah maybe - but the fact it wasn’t mentioned by anyone on any outlet is shocking. The double standards, like fried bread, is slowly killing me! :wink:


Maybe that’s actually why they were booing!


Maybe they were booing the pointlessness of existence.


Interesting stats


C Kilkenny 6 shots, 0-01 return… Any body know how many Con had also? Stats also confirm we absolutely ate up their kick out. It’s obviously easier to see space watching from the stands/up high on the Hill, but at pitch level it must be very daunting for a keeper when Dublin zonally press like they did on Saturday. Very impressive figures for us in that regard .


What would be the point of that?


That’s a good point.


He can be quite blunt.


Didn’t Blunt play at the Point recently?


53% conversion rate just doesn’t work for Dublin against the stronger teams. We don’t shoot from distance especially, we put a lot of effort into crafting a shot - if we only get 53% we are just turning the ball over the other 47%, not to mention all the turnovers we suffer due to normal attrition from the opposition defence. We would definitely lose to a Kerry or Mayo of previous years with that conversion rate.


That’s one element of our arsenal on holidays…


Yeh the scores from distance were a big feature til about two years ago, last year only Diarmo was really doing that/able to do that, though I would imagine given the opportunity CK can/will, and Fenton and Howard. And Flynner hasn’t exactly gone away you know…


So much for that: