2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Attacking champagne football is not part of the game plan now since 2014 I imagine. Get enough ahead and then kill off the game through retaining possession. So save the cigars for after the game!:grin:


Player management. Keep him fresh for Tyrone.


Sorry but Jim has always been both completely biased and full of sheet as far as I can see. But people keep talking about the irony of Donegal people booing etc. To me it’s simple, they got alot of grief for their tactics under JMG and SLH, now they’re looking to give it back whenever there’s a chance, especially against The Team of Champagne football etc.


One other thing that jumps out from statistics is that of 45 Dublin possessions, only 17 resulted in scores. Compared to 16 from 38 for Donegal. Not a great return.

16 Dublin possessions ended in turnovers or shots dropped short, compared to 12 for Donegal.

Lies, damned lies and so on, but clearly they can be more efficient. and may God help whoever is on the wrong end of that. I know who I would like it to be, but possibly prefer that they be gone at the weekend.


Ironic in many ways… they should have been booing their own team for not trying to turn the match around.


True. BUT remember when we lost to cork in 2010. Our midfielder Ross McConnell had, for 50 mins, the game of his Dublin career. The GPS stats kicked in and Gilroy was about to take him off - and if he’d have done so and we’d still lost, I’m sure we’d be blaming Gilroy for a crazy decision.
HOWEVER, he wasn’t taken off because of a injury to Rory o’carrol and he had to be replaced instead with our last sub. So, Ross stayed on and immediately, his game fell apart and he gave away a peno, a few frees and got himself sent off.
So, the GPS has its uses. Who’s to say that Howard last Saturday wasn’t completely burnt out and about to lose all concentration- especially if he was under instruction not to pace himself but to go hell for leather for 50 mins or so.


Scully’s second goal exemplified what we don’t usually do when going for goal - he used the other players to slightly dummy the keeper and then he passed it into the available space into the net. It was a bit Gooch like. Our normal plan is to just blast it and hope it works out.


That doesn’t take the performance of the opposition into account though. True Howard may have been tired but quite a few Donegal players were out on their legs too at that stage so he could have done even more damage if left on.

There are many factors to be considered in subbing players including game and player management. The Super 8s have introduced a new dynamic into management philosophy ie the 3 games have to be taken into account together and not just as 3 separate games. Bottom line secure qualification to semis preferably as group winner with minimum of effort and squad rotation is crucial for that.


Good observation I was actually admiring scullys finishing, great technique. Our other efforts where akin to trying to burst the net.


True also, and I do get the logic of it. But I think it removes or significantly reduces the space for spontaneity or that X factor that comes from talent or desire. Using Howard as an example, perhaps his numbers were starting to hit and that was the reason he was taken off. If I recall correctly I think he had just fetched a great ball and under pressure spun Murphy right on the Cusack sideline and put the ball up the wing, I think to Flynn who kicked a great point. Maybe he was gassed and needed to come off, that was the last good thing he had left in him. But maybe if you play it by form etc and you leave him on and he produces another amazing piece of skill, something that we remember.

I’m mindful of situations like MacAuley against Kerry, where he stretched to flick the ball onto KevMc for his late goal in one of the semifinals, as an example where a player is wrecked but something other than energy drives him to do something significant.

I won’t go off on one about Weber’s rationality but I think if you reduce everything down to a means/ end equation you end up like Mayo, taking off their best forward because the numbers say so.


Generally I would agree but I think the fact we are now using the other player for a tap-in actually influenced the keeper to shift, which Scully then utilised against him.

Very smart play by a player that is dreadfully underrated.


If you mean the second goal it was a slight feint of Scully hands to the left that sent the keeper off balance


The second goal, it looked like the keeper fully expected Scully to tee up Rock and shifted accordingly.


But…look at Scully’s hands movement


Correct me if I’m wrong but McGuinness introduced an ultra defensive approach in 2011 with 14 or 15 players in their own half with quick transition to attack. This strategy acknowledged the strengths and weaknesses of his individual players as he identified they could not compete on a man to man basis.

It was a somewhat revolutionary and much maligned approach at the time but it was ultimately successful in 2012 and verly nearly in 2014. He deserves some credit for this even though we completely played into their hands in 14.

The other top teams adapted and evolved their strategies to suit their players and ultimately this more balanced approach won out for ourselves the Yerras in 2014 and yes Mayo too in recent years.

So for him to not understand our approach in the latter stages of the game on Saturday which is an evolution of what he started and a reaction to the new Super 8s is incredible but not unexpected in the phoney war being conducted by the GAA media at the moment.


Another thing I’ve been thinking about as to why we seemed to be below par on Saturday night was the likely scenario of facing the same opposition again in an all Ireland final. Maybe we don’t want to give away too much


Scully feigned and then placed the ball for his second goal. The first goal was a tougher finish. He did the opposite but it was necessary and he did the right thing and hit it hard and low - hard for a keeper to react at almost point-blank range.


But he took too many steps @beeko


F#ck that.


Was it the same amount of steps that kev took? We’ll have to learn to score goals without taking too many steps…