2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


You’re right wifi, i mentioned it re murphy above but it happened several times but it seems looking at “incidents”" after the game only happens when the jubs are deemed guilty.


Paddy has been drafted in to the Kerry squad. It was felt it was only fair after they were made play in the rain on Sunday.

The beach snaps were taken prior to a few hundred Micko esque sprints to be under taken that evening. It’s all the boys can do for training, they haven’t got the infrastructure for anything else.


Sounds like if they ever do we’ll all suffer the backlash! :smile:

Anyway, I was about to be chewing a cigar at halftime in 2014, and look what happened next. And again in 2015 in the final, and we never lit the cigar. And again in the 2016 semi-final, and look what happened in the last 5 minutes of the first half. And the final replay, four points up straight away but never able to pull away. And then every time we actually get a goal, we’re usually cat for the next 10 minutes. Contrast with in the past when we got a goal and kicked on, the last time I remember that in a serious game was against Monaghan in the Qtr Final a few years ago, 2014 maybe. And we never recovered from it!


Tyrone last year is the last I remember - and we certainly kicked on …


Ah tru dat. Well actually, look again, the next 5, maybe 10 minutes Tyrone rallied and were doing OK. Goals seem to break our control rhythm, if I can call it that


Paddy was brought into the Kerry squad as training fodder.


Parkinson gave him Performance of the Week on the GAA Hour podcast.

Very odd for Gavin to take him off. Reminded me of Fenton’s breakout game in the semi v Mayo in his first year when he was bizarrely taken off. Smelt like a pre-match decision and failed to take account of the match. Although at least this time it didn’t trigger a massive comeback!


It’s a bit of a cliche, but the next score after a goal can cause a real swing on the scoreboard. If the opposition score a point straight away - Donegal did it after Scully’s first - it somewhat devalues the goal. Whereas if we tag on another point, it’s almost like a conversion.
It didn’t bite us on Saturday but on another day…


It was a wise decision though as it’s his first proper year at this level and it’s going to be a demanding few weeks and he was protected him and getting decent game time into Flynn at the same time


I think an in-form Flynn will be vital for us. I would start him next week if he is going half way right, to give us a bedrock for the game. In any game, if we keep it tight coming up to half time it generally gives the management and players the chance to make the necessary adjustments to go on and win. We have the ammunition to adjust more then most. Flynn is probably better at settling down a game rather then being an ‘impact sub’ (I never liked that expression though - who wants to be a sub that doesn’t make an impact!).


I was reading an interview with one of the coaching staff recently - can’t remember who, or even if it was someone from our camp.

Anyway, he was saying that you will notice that more often these days, managers will sometimes make seemingly nonsensical decisions - i.e. taking off a player who is performing magnificently.

The reason for this is the GPS technology. In that, management now know when a player is out of gas before the player does himself! So I assume that they know what a player is capable of before his performance begins to diminish, from training stats. Then, when the GPS data signals that the player has now covered more ground/ expended more energy over his proven limit, then Gavin whips them off.


Didn’t Mayo use that as a reason for taking Andy Moran off last year or the year before?


Not a fan of that approach. It’s too reductive.


Yes. Attracted a lot of ire.


They use it for Boyle all the time I think.


It’s working so well for Mayo I’m surprised more counties haven’t adopted that approach!


(from the article in case paywall blocks it).
‘It was ironic to hear the Donegal supporters booing the Dublin team for their lack of ambition with the ball. It was as if they weren’t interested in scoring for the last 10 minutes. I couldn’t understand what they were at.’

This is a bit disappointing from McGuinness. I know some will say it is true to form etc. but I don’t think it is. I thought he had the wherewithal to be objective - but this is just tribalism. At least he recognises the irony in Donegal booing, which is something. But the ‘I couldn’t understand’ bit is disingenuous, what is not to understand - we were ahead, they wouldn’t come and get the ball, a 5 year old would understand it. But he is trying to get his disapproval in there without actually condemning it as a tactic.

The rant about the disapproval of defensive football is a bit immature too. To care so much what outsiders are saying is a bit crazy anyway, but also he knows enough about the game to know that defensive football is a lot more then having men behind the ball. Actually, having men in front of the ball, when you are not in possession is laziness. But defensive football is more about setting a defensive line behind your 40 and being solely focussed on scoring on a break.

If he is writing for the Donegal Democrat or something I think it is fine to be as tribal as he likes, but in a national paper he needs to be looking at the bigger picture a bit more.

In fairness he does say that Dublin are ahead of the rest, but it is sort of faint praise. I was always a fan of McGuinness’s articles, but I am a little less so now. I know it is hard to divorce your bias - but he needs to try harder.


In fairness?? It’s a fact


Jim for been a guru doesn’t seem to understand a lot.


A bit like Donegal when losing to Kerry in 2014. Jimmy must have deleted that chapter from his book :joy::joy: