2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Surely the question has to be asked why employ the same pundits and analysists when they are consistently wrong. It would seem that they are hired to give a required particular opinion sought by the editorial staff as opposed to a correct analysis. That would go some way to explain 1. Why they are never pulled up on being so wrong, 2. Why they are so wrong and 3. Why they keep getting the gig.
There is a lot of pain outside of Dublin caused by Dublins brilliance, fair punditry and good analysis would go along way in easing that pain and allow others understand that Dublin got to this level on merit. For now I’ll just keep enjoying the journey.


Unfortunately the more controversial pundits are the more gigs they get. Eamonn O’Hara was guest pundit on the TSG years ago and slated Kevin Walsh management skills and rewarded with regular roles in the studio that summer.


Some interesting stats from Saturday’s game.

Of time ball was in play (including possession for frees and 45s), Dublin had 61% compared to 39% for Donegal.

Dublin had 12 periods of possession of over a minute, compared to six for Donegal.

Longest was last period of “keep ball” when Dublin held possession for just over four minutes, at the end of which there was a point. Dublin held the ball for ten of the last 13 minutes. which is pretty impressive by any standards. Of course if they were sporting chaps they would have given the ball back :grinning:


eddie brennan was fair, accurate and just about spot-on on every call with the hurling and they fcuked him off the telly. too fair???


Eddie B is still on. Think he did the Clare/Wexford game. He’s just has to share the KK sofa time with Sheflin & Tyrell now. Pity, as his analysis is very good & the other 2 are dull as ditch water, even if they’re bigger “names” & have more medals.


Just seen Howard wasn’t even nominated for team of the week.

I might be biased but he was the best player on show over the 4 games at the weekend.


Best player By a country mile.


You are biased, but spot on too.


Happy enough to keep the eye and pressure off him.


The Andrews and Philly thing is interesting. Gavin says they weren’t injured, it was tactical. But then they didn’t even get a run out. Strange…


Philly buried his father last week. Took some personal time out & missed a bit of training, according to Comrade @Rochey.

Paddy was tweeting holiday snaps from a Kerry beach yesterday. Presume he’s not even with the squad right now then, seeing as we’ve another game in less than a week.


Himself and Scully were named in hoganstand team of week.


Not really. I would guess the full squad will be used over the 3 games. Defence did well without Philly on Saturday but I’m sure he’ll be back in this week. I’d say JG had different starting 15s in mind for each game.


He was togged out on Sunday


Who, Phily or PA?


Both. But was referring to Andrews


Right you are. Was over in the Cusack, so couldn’t see who was on the bench.


You are … but you are right too …


Paddy Andrews :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Just on the TV coverage again - on about 58 min Murchan has the ball and Canning says, ’Murchan on the ball, I had no idea he was going to play the whole game’. What a weird thing to say, does he expect to get the substitutions in advance? I am sure he meant something else in his head, but it’s strange.

Also, on looking at it again, on 42 min I think, there is an absolute text book black card block on Scully. He gets the ball, lays it off to Kilkenny and is sort of straight armed by a Donegal player (I can’t see who). But it’s not really a debatable one and it has to have been seen, so should have been given.