2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Brilliant Charlie


The Dublin version of David Brady :joy::joy:


harsh on charlie


Charlie knows what he’s doing. Not sure David is in that category


I thought he was trying to get some payback against RTE to be honest for some perceived slight or something. McGuinness and Horan are good with Sky right enough, but Canavan is terrible, it is just cliché after cliché with him. The two (why two?) presenters of it are woeful and don’t get the best out of McGuinness and Horan.

RTE isn’t so bad in the studio stuff I think. Brolly is turning into a bit of a caricature of himself unfortunately, and Spillane is no genius, but I like Spillane in general. I just don’ take what he says too seriously. Whelan is getting better, as is O Sé.

But really I want a pundit to tell me something I can’t see with my own eyes, and very few of them achieve that. There was a good segment on TSG last night though about the Dublin kick out strategy.


Lads, is Eoin Murchan getting younger?

Fair play to him, big test for him to come through this match. Nothing gets out of the Dublin camp and I was saying to myself Lowndes must be injured then he comes on, Is Murchan out performing him in the training games?


I think it was a case of horses for courses. Small very mobile and fast defender like Murchan to pick up McHugh.


Ah now here. Don’t be lumping Charlie together with that dope


God, that’s fierce insulting to poor Charlie.

Thought we’d seen the last of DB when Mayo were sent on their merry way. No such bloody luck. There he was on OTB yesterday, doing the post game pontificating. :roll_eyes:


Believe he is doing his confirmation next year. :joy:. I imagine it was a horses for courses selection by JG. Would not be surprised if he didn’t feature against Tyrone. He must be doing his stuff in training . He did well on McHugh, kept him out of the game for most of it. I counted three times McHugh got on the ball, scored 2 and set up another , showing his class , so Murchan keeping him quiet for the rest of the time was as vital to our win as were Howard and Scullys contributions. Also we need to remember that in training he is coming up against the best forwards in the game… just thinking, maybe he’s marking Con in training and doing his head in!


I wonder what brolly thinks of kerry now he was wetting himself on Saturday talking them up big style and couldn’t wait to see them playing on Sunday.i bet kerry would have loved a forward like Scully to bang in 2 goals against Galway oh I forgot he wouldn’t make that kerry team. How long is that grass young Joseph


How can that man show his face on the radio lol. He predicted Roscommon would win handily and make the semi finals.

He must be on contract and they’re stuck with him or something.


What I would say about him is that he didn’t have the legs for 70+ mins on Saturday. May not be 100% fit but more likely he just doesn’t have the required mobility anymore. His place kicking may be the main reason for his selection now.


Yep. It’s the only explanation. He sure as shit ain’t on for his insightful analysis. :roll_eyes:


a few random thoughts:

i like brolly cos he says many things that are true but the fat-cats of gaa/rte dont want said and it can be very refreshing at times. his analysis of the game however has gone to shite as he has concentrated more and more on developing a tv personality for himself and mostly he just argues himself around in circles now or gets it completely wrong- tyrone were coming for us last year and it was kerry this year upto yesterday. chances are he’ll switch to galway now.

i watched the game back and it confirms what i was thinking on sat evening- scully will be a star. i think its because he is of light build or something that many think he is lucky to be in the team but no way. he has fabulous hands and feet, reads the game as good as any, excellent concentration and never makes a mistake. an intelligent player who i think is going to be around whether he’s 10 stone or not.

the sense of “one rule for them and another for us” is growing with every game. murphy is a tinker and should be suspended after that game but there wont be a word about it.

the “keep it tight” school of refereeing is as strong as ever- note the succession of decisions going donegal’s way after the second goal. am i getting a chip on the owl shoulder? i’ll answer that, no i’m not.

i agree with tumbler’s point about jim and jayo being very clued in to the tactical side of american sports. 10 years in the big apple as an ever-suffering knicks fan would be enough to finish most people after suffering the dubs through the 80 and 90s but i persevered long enough thankfully to bath in the nectar of this golden age for the men (and women) from the fair city. the tactics though are very b-ball like though and i really get the feeling that both jayo and jim are serious students of sport. that they will be involved is sport in one way or another for their entire lives. dare i say it, like micky whelan, another fan of american sport and a key soldier at the start of this glorious era of unequalled triumph for THE BEST TEAM EVER (fcuk off spillane!).


So long as the likes of Jim Horan keep saying things/giving predictions that most people (ie - those outside of Dublin) want to hear, they’ll be used by RTE, etc.


Murchan has some really special characteristics though - his acceleration seems unreal, he can go past players as if they are standing still. I have also never seen him lose a ball at minor, U21 and now senior. He can be given the ball in any circumstances and he can make something of it.

Now the height bit just can’t be ignored, and he might have got his chance yesterday because McHugh is similarly vertically challenged, but it is good to see that the game still has some use for small guys - even if they have to be exceptional to make it.

He would scare the life out of me as a standard corner back, or actually anyway he could get isolated in the full back line (Cork got two goals of Kerry by isolating Murphy inside against one of their big forwards). But there is a specialist role for Murchan. If we played Galway and they started Michael Daly he would leave the field I think rather then face Murchan after Murchan shut him down so completely in the U21 final.


It’s a big part of RTE,s editorial policy document part 1 sec. 1A titled spread the hope, newstalk have a similar one with an extra dollop of bitterness. In fairness if it gives the deluded and clueless a role in life it’s a small price to pay.


Brolly is very excitable, he must have been a nightmare as a child.


But the whole prediction / punditry thing has lost all reference to logic. There are two ways to try to predict, the form guide and the quality of the players on each team - there is no other way that I know of. On both those criteria, Galway were always going to beat Kerry yesterday. Now upsets happen, and Kerry could have caused an upset - but that is what it would have been. Pundits who predicted a Kerry win had bought into narrative based on minor success, even though the ongoing lack of success at u21 clearly showed that these minors were not transitioning.

People get it wrong, and it is a very inexact science, so I would be very forgiving of a pundit who makes a prediction and it doesn’t work out. But there has to be some logic behind it, and a logic that can’t be refuted in 5 seconds. The Kerry thing was like a mass hypnosis, it was sort of a post fact thing. Now Kerry will learn, and they will be better - but for yesterdays game, given the teams that were selected - Galway were never going to lose.

Someone mentioned above that Stevie McDonald predicted the Dublin Donegal game as a draw. Again it could have happened, mad results do happen - but there has to be a logic behind the prediction. If someone thinks that Donegal has better players then, well, I would have no words really and the form guide was especially lob sided in Dublin’s favour. Now I know picking the bould Stevie is a bit unfair, it is like blaming the dog for not knowing the theory of relativity, but extreme cases sometimes illustrate the point best.