2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


which is why all of a sudden people (i use the term loosely) are inventing all sort of fantasy rules like:-

  • shot clocks
  • maximum number of players in any segment of the field
  • maximum number of kicks or passes in a backwards direction
  • maximum number of kicks or passes in a lateral direction
  • restraints on the number of players who can move backwards

its hilarious.

Remember when “the mark” would stop Dublin?
Remember when the new kickout rule would stop Dublin?

This rubbish is just another variation of it.

BTW - Brolly had a long long segment before the match showing how the great Donegal kickouts would lead to three or more men running on to collect the knocked on ball. He had no segments after the match showing how Dublin dismantled it.

Also - anyone notice that for their first kickout Donegal did the “bunch together in the middle between the 21 and 45 then split rapidly as the ball kicked” thing? Dublin got a score from it and it was not used again. Brolly was too interested in telling us all what Lee Keegan was saying after the match to mention it.

RTE experts are really really bad. Brolly spends more time attacking his Sky rivals (and getting it wrong) than actually doing his bloody job.


Both of the main changes to football rules; the kick out and the mark, have indeed been designed to frustrate Dublin. They though, “oh, what will Cluxton do if he had no ball boy and has to kick outside the 21.” Well, he does alright!

And of course the mark. You want high fielding? Well, we give you the Raheny men! No doubt some committee men will come up with another proposal next year. “Congress proposes that a player receiving the ball in his own half give it a mighty root up the field, with his eyes closed.”

The only team that I can see that tactically and man for man is a potentially a match for Dublin is Galway who have developed a similar kick out strategy - won over 80% of their own yesterday - and have midfield to compete. Still perhaps deficient in strike power.


Really good point.


can someone have a look at the free given to Donegal in the 43rd min (from which they worked a point I think) and explain what exactly KK was adjudged to have done? I replayed it a few times and two donegal players bumped into each other - KK didn’t make contact with anyone, referee was watching over his shoulder and instantly awarded a free to Donegal.


Sorry to swing this off topic for a second - but is there a thread for the upcoming Tyrone match? I can’t find it anywhere.


Tickets for Sat currently on general sale on tickets.ie

GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship - Quarter-Finals Phase 2: Tyrone v Dublin

Healy Park - Sat 21 July 2018 19:00 - Available

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Tyrone v Dublin
Throw In: 7.00pm

Ticket Information
Adult Terrace: €20.00/£18.00
Juvenile Terrace: €5.00/£5.00
Student/Senior citizen tickets must be purchased from the respective competing county boards.

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Maximum total number of tickets per order: 4


Sold out already it seems


RTE pundits bar Whelan and O’See are poor. As Antrim manager summed up recently.

“If I had a choice of watching RTE or Sky Sports on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll watch Sky because of their analysis,” said the St Gall’s clubman.

“If I want banter and entertainment I’ll watch RTE. They don’t give the same depth of tactical analysis and there’s not the same level of informing the public, although in the evening time the analysis is better on RTE.



Just started one up there @Roman


yeah i get deeply suspicious of the posters on social media giving out about “paywalls” you wonder how many of them are connected to the RTE side of the equation.


No - there are actually thousands and thousands of people out there who think the Sky deal is all wrong. They are not RTE bots.


keep trying - someone got them 7 minutes ago just there


Managed to buy 2 juvenile tickets all adult tickets were gone. What’s the chances of bluffing my way in with one of them ?


I can’t disagree with that. I’m just hoping the games in the small provincial towns of roscommon, kildare and Omagh can spark the championship!


Shave the beard for a start …


Yeah shave the beard and get the young lad to push me in, in a buggy.


Say you were born in a leap year.


Have you asked Lee Keegan? :left_right_arrow::earth_africa: :world_map: :earth_asia: :left_right_arrow:


I listened to Charlie Redmond on 98FM yesterday. He’s hilarious … he spoke about the Donegal fans booing and said he was delighted that when they did our fans cheered and ole’d.

His punchline was that “not only were other counties determined to dictate to us where we should play our matches… they also now felt they should dictate to us how we play our matches:grinning:


Charlie is a top windup merchant . Its good to see someone on our side dishing it out instead of it been in all one direction at us .