2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


Even Scully and Mulder would be an improvement.


I was thinking some of the criticism of our lads wss a bit harsh. I thought they managed the game very well and just chose to play in different ways for different parts of the game. They were very creative in msny aspects of their play even if the finish was missing at times- that first chance gor con was a great move and would have been a super team goal, a pity. Having watched the other games today, im just as confident about 4 in a row as i was a week ago.


Have been saying for a long time that this Dublin team is a long way ahead of the rest. Still firmly believe that. In fairness to Mayo they are the only team to dispute that on occasion … or occasions. And it rankles me a little that we haven’t won Sam in a romp. Nothing to do with Micko’s similar bolloxology observation - just a personal wish to see this team stitch their superiority into everyone and have a champagne Final - like many League ones.

There is a massive gulf in the Super 8s - as I felt there would be all along. Donegal are a good side. Tyrone have not become a great side - they are above a very poor average across the board. Monaghan are competitive 24/7/365 but C’ship average. Galway are good but lacking a good bit as the League final showed - when they were at relatively full tilt. The perception of Kerry is laughable. Great minors who never won u21 suddenly becoming great seniors - bollox. This is not 1975. We have lads who are in their 2nd and 3rd season and I’m still ‘jury out’ on some - though I called B Howard immediately for the genius he is showing. Yet the Kerry boys have arrived after putting 32 points on Clare and similar carnage on a woeful Cork?! We saw today what the real situation is.

We won pulling up and frankly some of the comment is a joke - even from some of our own.

We are streets ahead of anyone left in the C’ship - that’s the reality. Hopefully we can finally kick on and take goal chances and beat teams by the margins that show the difference. I want to be in Croke Park in early September chewing a cigar at half time - where there is no room from anyone anywhere to doubt the greatness of this team. And I expect I will.


And breath…


Watching it back on the highlights , I’d tend to agree . I’m just glad they edited out the dross at the end . Its ours to lose at this stage .


I agree, but I think Brolly’s point was flawed in saying that they know how to play us would imply that they can beat us, I think they knew how to compete with us, but just fell short of knowing how to play us, we outsmarted them time and time again when it mattered.


Maybe they outsmarted themselves with a litany of poor decisions & selections :thinking:


Don’t know, but you can win a close game once in awhile, but if you nearly always win it, it is because you are doing something better than the other team, the bottomline is that we always had someone that showed up at important times in those games, Berno, Dermo or O Gara… they lacked that.


Think some are being harsh on mannion, in the highlights alone he was shown to have lost his marker and was in a prime position to slot in two goals, yet both Kilkenny and Con didn’t take the option. With the panel we have any lads that get on the pitch are there on merit.


Several guys didn’t perform & we still won by 5 points . If it happens next week we can start to get concerned .


we had some uncharacteristic misfiring, overall controlled the game and got job done.


That lad is Owen Thomas I think. He is always in there and they are very good songs too. Far as I know he has them up on his Facebook page.


Yeah that’s the guy alright. Thanks for that!


got to watch the full match on TV and yes it was a different experience all right. It did look boring and fustrating on the box, but as one of the “nervous unless we are 20 points up with one min of injury time left” member of this fine establishment I was neither bored nor fustrated - I was very nervous and worried that donegal would intercept and run at a wide open goal. They did twice and in a closer match it could have been a problem.

One thing that was more evident on the telly than form the lower davin however was that even in the last ten mins we spent the vast majority of it in the Donegal half of the pitch, something that the wally squad on comms failed to spot - and twice in that period Kevin split them and almost scored himself and placed a great ball to jack to score (neither did of course). So, the vast majority of that time was not spent playing keep ball for the fun of it, but trying to work scores. Donegal had by then decided that points difference was the main objective - something that our learned friends on the comms box failed to spot.

So, all in all, a win, 2 points on the board, and without hitting the heights but suggested that they could have if needed, all in match where we really should have scored four goals.

I really wish thought that MDMA would stop regarding the ball like a slippery bar of soap. Some amazing catching and fielding from him (esp that one on the Hogan sideline) but then his bad juggling act or passing the ball to nowhere or into a happy donegal player (like in Portlaoise) sort of negates it. At least he didn’t go for that point in the second half as people do park their car outside their houses behind the Cusack. Stand.


Otherwise known as Wocko… Use to play midfield for Whitehall seniors.

Stage name.

Decent skin .


First thing I thought of straight away was the fucking irony of them booing that


maybe they were booing their players.


The fun has yet to start in my opinion. The fare at the weekend was terrible and a half empty Croke Park added to the funereal atmosphere. Serious chance of multiple dead rubbers in the final round of games.

At this stage I think the GAA should take the Croke Park round out of the Super 8s altogether. The corporate box and 10 year ticket holders might kick up but I think they should leave Croker for the semis and finals and have a pure neutral round using Semple/Clones/PUC/Castlebar/etc as appropriate. It would also be one less stick for the cranks to beat us with.


They’d still find another stick


Gavin, Sherlock and others - including some of the players - are well familiar with NFL and NBA tactics. If you don’t have the ball you can’t score. The great NFL teams have been masters at turning possessions into long periods where the opposing team is unable to get the ball. Clock runs down, opposition becomes frustrated, chances are created in the scoring zone.

Might be “boring” and “dreary” for some, but I love how this team can close out matches. Something that Dublin teams could not do ever, If the 2006 team had had the same intelligence behind it, there was no way Mayo would have overhauled that 6 point lead, let alone win. I prefer the latter version that being part of a “classic” where Dublin were being laughed at as “chokers” and “losers.” Which of course they were not. Naïve perhaps. Jayo was there. Gavin was part of humiliating defeats in games we should have won. No coincidence that they are the main thinkers behind the current strategy.