2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


I don’t think he is a coward, but I do think he is limited enough as an inter county footballer. His overall effectiveness isn’t great.

But he most definitely tries to hit late, there has been at least one example every time we have played them over the years. He is big enough to do damage and I would worry some day he will.


I think he’s a frickin brilliant footballer, who has been badly utilised by some managers. I’ve said it here before, used to watch him regularly for DCU in Sigerson, and with all their talent, was by far the best forward on the pitch. Rory O’Carroll said he was the toughest 14 he ever played against. He rarely plays in there these days.

Do agree his late hits are becoming trademark now. I’d still love to have him in our squad mind you.


He hits and kicks late with no other intention than to do damage. All these happen when the guy he’s hitting can’t defend himself. At the very least that’s cowardly. Watched earlier on eir sport the punch he hit Connolly during the game the 2014 semi. Nasty hit. The hit on Fenton was a jaw breaker. Fenton blessed with that one. There’s no need for it. Has never been called out by the media for this unlike others would. Was one of the top footballers in the country. Ain’t any more even though he’s only 28.


He is not used properly by Donegal . In and around the square is his domain. He looks cream crackered after 15 minutes when further out the field. Doesn’t have the mobility .Looks too heavy as well .


He kneed Connolly in the back too minutes before first goal in 2014 game. He was sent off against us in 2 league in 2015 & 2016 and should been red carded in championship game in 2016.


Agreed. He’s a dirty hoor. Needlessly so, as he is very, very talented. Think I read somewhere that he was the first player to miss a game due to black cards accumulated, or fastest to getting 3 black cards or some thing like that, which speaks for itself. Doesn’t get called out for it nearly enough. He (like Donaghy) is one of those ‘can do no wrong’ types that the media anoint every so often. His escaping scanction for that hit on Fenton was a fcuking disgrace.


Definitely, best full forward in the game when played there. In a better team he would be a 1-4 a match forward


It all started in 78, “5 goals in the rain” and all that. They were resurrecting the spirit of 78 in 2015 and 16. So much for that…


I’d have him in the squad, but I don’t think he would start. Dublin would have to change how they play, and that would involve lots of 50/50 balls, which means you lose 50% of them. As a guy who gets out in front of the defender and turns him, or lays off the ball, he would be poor enough.

He would be a good player for a game that doesn’t actually exist. He has skills other players don’t have, but they aren’t hugely useful ones.


He is like many others of his build - no longer suited to the modern game if playing anywhere between 5 and 12 … yet they persist. As in Aido …


What’s the craic with the portable goals being used ? Don’t recall them being used before .


Cavanagh really backed himself into a corner there :joy::joy:


Muppet. Embarrassed for him.


Now he’s saying it’s harsh to criticise Donegal for it


I’ve heard people that watched a lot of Raheny saying Howard was better Fenton. They might be right


I’ve been bigging him up here forever … Fento’s ok too


It’s a great debate to have. We potentially have a player as good as the one who is already among our greats.


Difference is we have an end result.


Have to say Gooch was very good there tonight. He actually got animated when talking about Murphy which was surprising to see but he was dead right


Whats the story with the elder McHugh ?