2018 Super 8's Dublin v Donegal 14th July, Croke Park, Live on RTE 2, Throw In 7pm


I think the trip to monaghon may be the most important of Fitzmaurices career .


Great goal…Game over. 9 points from Kerry in 70 minutes is very poor. Still…Lots of Dubs wouldn’t get into that Kerry team :grinning:


Wooooo :smile:


Delira and excria !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Must be a new rule where you can throw the ball like Kerry did for their goal. Final scoreline flattered Kerry.


Looking forward to Eamo’s interview “Yerra, what can you say Marty, but the conditions didn’t suit us.” :joy:


We got what we wanted two points, the performance was’nt the best but two points is all that matters at the end of the day. I’ve said on other match treads that Mannion is very poor has’nt delivered yet this year and is very lucky to be starting all the time. Con was very poor and a lot of his decisions were very poor, but he will have better days. Kilkenny was well marked and he two kicked 3 wides I think. Howard was brilliant and I’d say was taken off only to give him a rest . I thought Murchan did a decent job and he can be happy enough with his display. Overall defence was solid. Fenton as usual masterclass. Scully delivered at last two well taken goals wish he backed himself more often. Costello and Flynn excellent when called upon. Kevin I’m afraid just does’nt seem to have the same ould zip and pace of years gone by.

The last 10 /15 minutes of keep ball was very frustrating but we were in control and conserving energy , roll on next week in Omagh and I think you will see a better Dublin to win by 3 points or more.


Semi final picture a little clearer now:

Dublin v Kerry/Monaghan (depending on clones result)
Donegal/Tyrone (depending on ballybofey result) v Galway

Two big weekends of football left… I suggest the fun is only starting now


Far from clear picture. Dublin win is far from a given next week


True. However I bet Mickey Harte doesn’t have a clue what team Dublin will line out next week !


Looking back at the game the game now I feel we have been too critical, Dublin played really well, the moves for the goal chances were class, alot of the finishing poor. The possession-holding sequence was really well done, still always looking for the chance of an attack, and I don’t know where somebody got the idea we were always deep in that period, not true at all, well up the field much of the time, and most players looked to turn forwards, beating a man in the process.
Murphy’s trademark sneaky elbow went almost unremarked by Dolan and completely unremarked by Canning. The moaning about the keep-ball by Dolan and Canning was unbelievable, “every player has a duty”, “we’ve never seen this before in the GAAaaaaa”. FFS, complete lack of recognition for the skills, masks fully slipping, hankering for the the good old days of kick and catch and give your man a good belt school of culchieball thinking. No wonder there was such a bed-wetting about the Second Coming.

Also Scully’s two goals were class, showed the rest how to finish, the second one with the little feint to send the keeper wrong was lovely. And I misjudged him about the steps, brilliant quick little solo in the final run in that I missed when watching at the time. Similarity to Con’s goal in the final last year but better.


So you reckon Galway have Monaghan beaten? And we haven’t won any group yet.


Yes I can’t see Monaghan besting them in the Salthill fortress


Canning claiming Murphy shouldered late by McCarthy, it was a perfectly timed shoulder, at the same time as Murphy passed. To be honest I wish he had hit him late, and hard…

The f.ucking irony and neck of the two of them complaining about Dublin keeping possession, so they would rather Donegal get humiliated on the scoreboard? And then comparing to Barcelona as if it’s a bad thing ffs! Intelligent, smart, and brilliant football and these neanderthals claiming it’s wrong, shows what we’re dealing with


Whatever about the ups and downs of our performance yesterday one thing that is clear is that talented footballer he might be but Michael Murphy is a dirty, sly coward of an individual it’s only by pure luck that he hasn’t done serious damage to a Dublin player in the various games we’ve played. He continues to get away with it though every time! Not right!


Funny how this wasn’t a problem when Kerry bet Galway in CP in 2008 on a night so wet they had to close Jones road because of flooding.

Also don’t forget the run up to the 2016 final. Kerry were the rain masters after the Munster final Dublin had never played in the rain…

I always say the GAA media are bullshiters this is a great example of it.


I think some of the slack the lads are getting is a bit overboard, last night was a new experience, they had a cushion if things went wrong, but imagine going to Tyrone next week knowing that you had to win, in general we controlled the game from start to finish, at the end it may have been a bit frustrating to see us holding onto the ball, but it was more friustrating to see Donegal let us do it at pleasure. I would imagine the idea of knocking the ball around is to entice the other team out but if they don’t and we are winning, well why play into their hands and risk conceding a soft goal.
RTE last night were a joke, what happened towards the end was more to do with Donegal than to us and then Brolly ranting on about about how Mayo know how to play us, has he seen the results of our games over the last few years,?


It could end up that we are better off coming second to get an easier Semi-Final against Kerry :rofl:


They know how to play us, just not how to beat us.


BigP his point about Mayo knowing how to play Dublin is fair. Year after year they gave us a bellyful and frankly they would have done this year too.