2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


Off topic? It’s the wrong century.


Not if the century begins in …


Tell that to Kerry when they boast about the number of All Ireland that they won!


Definitly, the stats don’t lie we have. The question is would we have continued to win without a change to our tactics. I would argue that top teams our focused on beating Dublin and developing a system to counter Dublin more so than any other opposition. We have to continuely evolve, whether that tactical evolution would better us by being a more direct playing football team or a more cautious one, is open to argument. I would have a preference to go more attacking but I trust in the management knowing more and playing to our strengths. As long as their winning it’s very hard to question their tactical integrity.


I would say that there are different tactics for every game and even different sets of changeable tactics as each game developes.


Looks like he damaged the knee. Must be a generational thing but I don’t get Twitter.

CATHAL McCarron’s season could be over if a cryptic tweet posted on his account last night can be believed to relate to his injury woes.

The Tyrone corner-back tweeted: “When you get news that you didn’t want to hear, be grateful for the opportunity that you got and for what you have around you.”


Best of luck to him, hope all turns out well for him.


Dublin and Kerry have each won 5 All-Irelands this century. :sunglasses:


He’s a big loss, hate seeing lads get bad news like this in the middle of the biggest part of the season. Best of luck to him.


I think no score came from the keep ball stuff because Donegal didn’t break their shape. The down side of that for us is that we probably won’t score, the upside is Donegal won’t score either, and we are the ones in the lead.

I actually think this style of play is 18 months old or so, we just haven’t met so many teams that keep their defensive shape so rigidly that we need to use it all the time. It very definitely looks like soccer as you say.

But I think we are close to ground zero for football tactics. We have had 100+ years of very little innovation, and we are just getting it going now. Other sports have methodolgies now for every eventuality. If team A does one thing, team B will counter it with a limited number of options. We are only just getting there, and it may turn out that the rules of the game when fully exploited mean the game isn’t pretty. Personally I think it is nearing a rule change akin to basketballl ones. Shot clocks or something.


Might be innovative but it’s also v boring to watch and for me not achieving a lot particularly when u have a good lead … completely on TOP physically n mentally etc … we allowed the momentum to shift on Saturday not Tyrone forcing it


Anyone else notice Bernard Dunne on the pitch in full Dublin gear before the Tyrone game? … I didn’t realise he was back involved.


he was with the team in new york last november


I can understand him being brought along on the team holiday after winning the AI as he’d have been part of the success that year but I don’t recall him being there at any stage during league or championship this year apart from Saturday.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I’m just wondering how come he’s back at this stage.


But it was only two because they missed a simple free to make it one. Who knows what might have happened next, Cluxton/midfield had lost most of the previous kickouts


Didn’t actually see or notice him in Omagh but saw him on the Cusack Stand sideline for the Donegalzzzzzz game.


He was there for the Leinster final as well. Think he might have been there for the semi final too.


He was never away as far as I could see. He was there for any league game I was at. The boxing thing is his job, like all the rest of the management have jobs.


I’ve read different articles about knee injuries with footballers…whether it’s choice of studs, playing surface, over-training etc.

In the case of McCarron he went up for a challenge and came down in a heap. Looks like an MRI scan has confirmed the worst.

Didn’t Jack McC pull up with something similar last year?


Good luck to him.

Saw an interview with him outside CP after the 2008 final. He was asked who he wanted to win and said it didn’t matter…he was a true blue.

Not many people get to go on the dream journey he had.

And with the experience of working in a different code…he could bring a lot to Irish boxing.