2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


It’s the lack of crown forces influence

We answer to no bolloxology! :sunny:


Wtf is sheugh Daller?


It’s what we build housing estates on.


It’s the space between fields.


We got to educate you city folk…it’s a ditch between fields. If you see fields with reeds you nearly always always have a sheugh between them.

sheugh (plural sheughs) (Ireland, Scotland) A ditch, especially a field boundary ditch usually used to drain fields and mark their boundaries. (Scotland, colloquial) The space between the buttocks. The sweat is running down the sheugh of my arse.


Hey…you learning !


Wow. Sweaty arses. Sweaty feet. Mouth ulcers. 16v coils for your butt plugs. This really IS where the magic happens. :roll_eyes:


Any outsider to the forum would simply marvel at how high-brow and cultured we are all are!


TVTAP on Android worked for me during the league.


Both Pat Gilroy and Jim Gavin have made valuable contributions to Dublin GAA. Jim Gavin inherited minor teams from 04-07 which were knocked by Laois 3 times(04,05,07) Offaly 06 and won 2 u21 AI and 3 Leinsters. Majority of 2011-2017 teams would have played under him at some stage. He was involved in u21 management team in 02/03 as well. Pat Gilroy changed the mindset of Dublin players and laid foundations too when Jim Gavin took over senior role.




“Fluting around”

That’s one for the Dublinisms thread.


As opposed to packing your defence when four points behind in injury time, horses for courses, I say.


Jaysus, I’m sorry I asked!


I’m not sure that’s the appropriate comparison.


Why do we have to manage the game out instead of killing it off earlier on?


My point exactly.


Jim has all the answers in today’s Times. If teams did what he suggested they would be hammered.


Loathe as I am to disagree with the great man if we had been a bit cuter in the 87-95 era Johno would have more than 2 all Ireland’s.


That’s because great and all that this dublin team are, we still have to beat the team in front of us. We are only one half to the equation as to how the game is played out.


You’ll have to quote that one next time you build up a sweat…!

Shuck of your arse…classic.