2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


Give me a day Dub09 to thInk of something smarter.

It’s easier being Trump’s PR person than managing spin from Gervaghey.

  1. He is having a laugh.


Scarleth for yer ma daller!


It’s lucky for you the dubs are not in omagh every week. You need to employ a secretary to reply to everyone. I d say you have conversed with everyone on this site this week. Fair play to ya.


He had four balls at the start of the 2nd half. Every ball that Tyrone kicked that ended up in the terrace behind never came back. As the game went on they were not replaced until Tyrone were on top and realised the balls went missing.


Bravo, well said sir. I propose a new award, from henceforth to be known as the “Daller” weekly award for Resser of the week!


Using Boolean algebra for all you computer geeks…you can have multiples inputs with only one truth (1) required to get a right output (1).

Therefore of the 3 possible reasons…just 1 (truth) is required!



Still have no idea why they don’t have catch nets in HP.

As someone said…you’d need a tin hit during warm-up.


the full game is available on Sky catch-up


Dublin Selectors/backroom team were getting seriously ratty with the crowd behind the Hill 17 goal, for not giving the balls back during the warm up. Stevo turns around from his own warmup, glares at us, holds up his hands up (like he does when he’s about to take a kick out) & about 25 balls come raining down on the pitch in about 2 seconds. V funny.


**[quote=“upthedall, post:838, topic:3677, full:true”]
You’re going to think I’m mad or blindly loyal to the man…

But I still believe there must be some truth in what MH is saying.

  1. Why would you make a claim that can be so easily (and predictably) contradicted…and…

  2. When it’s easier to take credit for what many fans are saying actually helped Tyrone.

Does nay make sense at all.

Maybe he’ll come out and say ‘gotcha’…but until then I’m scratching my head.

I would assume he said it because he isn’t fussed if people find out it’s not the truth. It got him out of the hole of the immediate interview but still he gets the credit in Tyrone for doing it.

But I am glad it isn’t true, Sky being able to dictate pitch size would be an appalling development. They knew that themselves I imagine, hence the denial.

Tyrone narrowing the pitch is no big deal, Home teams often adjust the surface or the size to suit themselves.


thanks bluewheels, i dont have sky unfortunately and was looking for a link of some sort but thanks anyway.


Now tv is a good way to watch sky if you don’t have the tv channel. Can buy a week pass for €15


Is this how you sorted out that issue not been able to see the games ?


It was eir I was bitching and moaning about. Never figured out a solution to that! :grimacing:


Watching the match ATM and can’t get over how coldrick reminds me of Bob newhart.


What in the name of…is Scarleth?

Is this a Dublin equivalent of sheugh?


It’s scarlet, as in a shade of red!! Love that phrase.


Funnily his neighbours growing up in Meath were called Larry, his brother Daryll and his other brother Daryll …


Why can’t you Dubs just speak proper like us folk?

You got to get some understandable expressions!