2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


Cool ta. So our own CB don’t realise this!


That’s the issue, it seems they don’t.


Agreed, but hard to believe.
You’ve some saying Howard is being taken off with 15 mins to go, despite playing really well, because his GPS is saying he’s too tired
Then a poster (albeit a clubmate) excusing a performance of a player by saying he’s carrying an injury, yet Jim leaves him on for 68 minutes.

One of those doesnt make sense, and carrying an injury doesn’t excuse you pulling out of challenges and giving the ball away!! But Jamesie has plenty of credit built up, I’d doubt he’d be as bad again.


A few things I noticed at the game on Saturday which I wouldn’t normally see from the Cusack.

Second half starts and Cluxton has two spare footballs beside either post to enable him to get the quick kick outs going. Early in the second half there were no balls left and Cluxton gave a p1ssed off look to the backroom team member sauntering over with a bag of balls to replace the ones he’d already kicked out.

In to the final 10 mins and Cluxton no longer has spare balls (or they’d been deliberately collected) and a helpful member of the Tyrone backroom team delivers 4 footballs to Cluxton’s goal to ensure there’s no time wasted. Same backroom member had earlier delivered a fingers up to us on the terrace as he passed by in the first half!


are u taking the piss hawkeye? i cant make head nor tail of that.


Anyone know why Brian Howard has been withdrawn on the hour on Saturday and after 54 minutes v Donegal when he seemed to be full of running? Is it to do with GPS data?

Similarly Kerry withdrew Sean O Shea after 64 minutes v Galway and 54 minutes yesterday (same as Howard) leaving on far less effective players.

Anyone any idea?


No, 100% genuine. Which part can’t you get?

Cluxton had 2 spare balls just beside each post and as soon as Tyrone kicked a score or wide, he grabbed one of those spares and was ready to go long before the original ball was retrieved.

Obviously when we were 5 points up, the need for quick kick outs was gone so he had no spare balls there. Tyrone obviously twigged this and rather than allowing him slow the game down brought over spare balls so Cluxton couldn’t delay.


Was paddy andrews on subs bench ??


I saw him on the TV coverage in the stand with a yellow bib on. I assume he was in the 26 as that’s what Sky showed in their coverage.


ok now i see what you mean . i’m still looking for somewhere to watch this back which is where i normally spot stuff like this myself. nothing only highlights on youtube.


Anywhere I can see the game dropbox, dodgy links etc…

Usually I can find the full games broken into 7 parts on YouTube but the gaa seem to have clamped down on that the last week.

Howard looks amazingly brilliant , that’s a very American way to describe someone but he deserves, it


I see Sky have came out and said what everyone was thinking that Mickey Harte was talking out of his arse about them requesting the pitch being moved. I fully expect him to boycott sky now


Paddy was actually just about to come on but Mc Carthy gave another easy ball away and Jim changed the sub and MDMA came on instead and Paddy went back up to the stand.


Jim didn’t have a spare 50p for the slot

game over


Latest fib is that the pitch was bigger than croke park and by reducing it by two.metres each side it ended up croke park sized!!


You’re going to think I’m mad or blindly loyal to the man…

But I still believe there must be some truth in what MH is saying.

  1. Why would you make a claim that can be so easily (and predictably) contradicted…and…

  2. When it’s easier to take credit for what many fans are saying actually helped Tyrone.

Does nay make sense at all.

Maybe he’ll come out and say ‘gotcha’…but until then I’m scratching my head.


Not half as much as the rest of us at this post …


Ah c’mon Daller.

That searing intellect for which you are justly famous throughout the land, is second only to your stupendous good looks.

Don’t be letting yourself down now.


Btw, plz don’t reply to that until the grammar police have ok’d it. :wink:


Was going to say flattery gets you nowhere PD !

But I know you’re after a slice of my personal fortune…accrued over many years of cross-border smuggling…I mean legitimate business interests.