2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


Maybe, maybe not. I wasn’t anyway. Every team has its idiot support ours is easily found on Facebook for example.


This is the bit that’s annoying me . Were finally at a stage here where don’t have to worry about facing Mayo . Lets be honest , they are the only team that really pushed us the last couple of years . And now we seem to be sleep walking through games . Its a big ask to keep the motivation & “hunger” after winning 3 on the bounce . There just doesn’t seem to be the same urgency as in years past . I’m wondering too is the loss of Connolly having a bigger impact than we imagined . And i mean , just among the panel .I really think if we see Berno returning it might lift the lads , and us . Not expecting him to contribute a whole lot but having him there will be a bonus .


Howard has footwork like Mohammed Ali.


Off topic. Has anybody noticed the number of players who don’t seem to be wearing gumshields ? That’s a yellow card offence.


Tomas looks like he is holding a fart in listening to joe


Well we haven’t got to a do or die game yet, so we really will not know the true position till the semi final.

Last year was the same and yet we played the “best final of all time”


My main worry about this year is probably that we don’t have enough specialist distance shooters. Kilkenny can some days, Fenton and Howard are above average for out the field players, but we don’t have a guy who can go into the full forward line and score 4 or 5 from play regularly. Mannion should be the one, but that aspect of his game isn’t working right now.

I think it’s because of this we are having to manage games more and really work the percentages. A Bernard Brogan in his prime would have made Saturday’s game an 8 point win, if we did nothing different. Connelly would have given us a bit more of a cushion too.


We had the thought though of Connolly coming back once his suspension was finished . If i heard Connolly would somehow be returning to the panel now I’d have no reservations about the next couple of games .
Also , remember that Con was flying it last year .
If Howard could score 4 or 5 a game , which I’d say he’s well able to , it would be great.
Ultimately here , the return from mannion & con is well off .
Its only Roscommon but if either has a good scoring day it would improve confidence .


Only a yellow if you fail to comply with the refs instruction to wear one.

Take it out of your sock and put it in.

After 20 seconds, take it out again.

Ref tells you to put it in again.

You do and take it out again.

Keep repeating above and no yellow!!!


Had one of the lads get yellow card before a ball was thrown in last year, in league game it was in his sock.


Brilliant stuff…


He definitely didn’t look right I couldn’t believe it when he pulled out if a takle in the 2nd half, but it mates sence. Need him right for the semi final, the week off will help a lot of lads with niggles.


Just thinking there - a consequence of Brexit could well be border checks if we play in Omagh in maybe two years. I don’t think that is acceptable to anybody - not in a million years.

In the main everybody had a great experience yesterday. Nobody will countenance a potential backward step as outlined above.

While accepting the GAA is apolitical It would be good if GAA fans North and South could make it clear that none of us will accept any form of border or border checks at any future time when travelling to support our county. Let it start here.

#GAA: gameswithoutfrontiers


Some people found the game quite amusing anyway! Maybe he’ll be in stands for the final


He’d want to watch out falling asleep with shorts on and bare feet in that warm, humid climate, he might get bitten by a mossie.


The ref only has to warn you once. After that if he catches you without a gum shield it’s a straight booking.


All a bit of fun I suppose but he’s (or his mates or both) probably not helping himself here. Mind you maybe he doesn’t give a shit any more. Comes across like that anyway.


Yes I’d tend to agree it’s just a bit of fun… easy enough dozing off in that humidity and heat… he scored 5 points tonight anyhow in a tight enough game


On the one hand if he didn’t care why watch it?
On the other the funny look from the lad on the right screams set up. Was just pretending for a wind up.


Its a perfect opportunity for con & mannion to fill their boots ,hope JG starts them both