2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


We passed her and her mate going down to the shop/garage over an hour before the game. One of the young ones collecting for the Special Olympics asked him in all seriousness was he from Dublin!!


Big north county maw on him, in a nice way.


Really enjoyed the trip and was very happy with the result… We played well within ourselves but I’d be a bit concerned about the lack of scores that are coming from our front 6. Mannion made a brilliant interception in the first half and may have prevented a goal scoring chance for Tyrone, his defencive game is good but hes a corner forward and what has he scored this year ? Con worked hard again , took the right option in fisting an effort which came off the post but again hes not scoring. Sculy worked hard again but doesnt score enough. At times we were in scoring range but we did’nt take the chances and recycled and tried to get closer to goal. We should back ourselve a bit more when in scoring range.

Howard was excellent he has a great side step and ghosts past players. Fenton was again excellent . Mc Carty looked very leggy and seemed to lack his usual pace and bursts , he didnt have his best of games.

Our defence were solid Johnny brilliant, Small and Murchan doing their jobs . Philly I thought did well scored his customery point . Cian solid as was Jack.

Only blot on great day was on leaving Healy Park a Tyrone fan started complaining about the referee, asking did we bring him up in the bus with us. I laughed and said he was as good for both sides and better team won. To which his reply was " ye f××king fenian bastards". He was a little upset poor man​:joy::blush:


Mannions tackle on mcshane was top class would’ve left him one on one with cluxton and a big boost for tyrone had he scored Gavin should ring up raheny and ask. have ye anymore of them big fellas


Well at least the GAA is diversifying in the north.


. To which his reply was " ye f××king fenian bastards". He was a little upset poor man​:joy::blush:

That doesn’t make sense to be honest. As TL alludes to, he would have had to be a Unionist to say that and I can’t see any of those caring enough about a Tyrone result.

On the rest, I never left a ground where someone wasn’t complaining about the ref. People just need to grow up generally around GAA games - just because people a) dont understand the rules or b) don’t see the foul, it doesn’t mean the ref was wrong.


Sorry to hear that UTD


Thats exactly what he said and there was plenty around who heard it and gave him a earfull .


Painfully squeaky voiced middle aged Mayo women are my greatest angst leaving a game, their incessant whinging about everything bar their team is comical. All other counties I generally find are decent skins and knowledgable. But that Mayo woman’s voice… Jeysus! The poor man she’s married to!


Very witty Al…had a good laugh at that.

But as McStay would say…ah no.

Sure some of my wife’s ones are from Ard Mhaca.


Condescending hoor b*stards!!


Aka mother-in-laws.

(Just removed the Mayo bit).


I’ve had the free state bastards one more than once. It’s a holier than thou we’re real Republicans and Fenians thing. Then they go home to listen to their Wolfe tones CD.


I didn’t say he didn’t, but it makes no sense. Maybe he was let out from a home for the bewildered or something for the day, But it was just a completely illogical statement for someone to say who was coming from a GAA game where 99.9% of the crowd are catholic / nationalist. But weird things do happen I guess.


I don’t like generalizing about any group of fans, I suspect we all have the same percentage of loopers following our counties - but I have had the same experience a couple of times with the middle aged Mayo women. So much so, that if my seat looks to be near someone that meets that description I try to go elsewhere.


Maybe someone was slagging them about their national anthem first, as some above seem to think that’s a funny thing to do. I probably spend 50% of my life north of the border and was never
called anything similar, so it is hard to understand why it happened to some.

The whole vibe from the majority at the game from both sides, and I have a foot in both camps, was that it was a great, good natured day out. We have one of the few games where supporters aren’t sectioned off from each other. Let’s try to keep it that way.


Watched the game back this evening after coming down off the high of the great day out.

James McCarthy didn’t have his best game at all, gave away a handful of cheap turnovers from poor handling errors and poor handpasses.

My big worry with Dublin this year is that we clearly have this system we play against defensive teams. For me the major flaw is the pace of our transition and our lack of support runners. We don’t see players bursting off the shoulder to break the line anymore, instead it’s side to side until a gap pops up. I still feel we need more urgency in our attack. We’re certainly capable of a lot more.

We’ve shown we’re capable of it, the goal being the primary example. As I said McCarthy was far from at his best, but his support running has always been one of his best attributes, and he showed it here.

This team are capable of putting anyone to the sword, it’s certainly in our locker. We’re still playing in 2nd gear. I really hope to see us crank it up or else we’ll have our hearts in our mouth again this year.

The mood on here could be a lot different if O Neill scored that free. That would have made it a one point game, and with them having all the momentum, I wouldn’t have bet against them getting a leveler.

On a positive note though, Mannions tackling looked even better watching it back, COS was good, Kev Mc was decent when he came on, and Murchan kept Sludden scoreless for the first time this championship.


I hate the bandwagoners . . . You can easily tell them. Usually from Mayo dressed in suits asking where is the Hogan Stand


Agreed. A key and hugely successful part of our game that has been largely absent in recent games.


Agreed, Jamesy was far from his best. There was a reason though. He wasn’t 100%. Still, the only one who could have burst through like that for the goal. As Damo Dempsey says, “like a warrior running down the mountain at ye!”