2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


Pressed wrong button there but every tyrone fan that passed us stopped to see if we needed any help or needed a lift we thought we’d have to stay the night 3 lads stayed with us and organised a breakdown service to come out and sort us out.a taxi driver told us I’ll be back in 30 mins to see if your still here and he did offering a place to stay if needed the people in the houses came out with every tool to get us back on the road one elderly gent and his wife brought us out food and a pot of tea and asked if we’d like to use their house til the breakdown chap came along he also offered to loan us sterling if we needed sure ye can give it back when ye have it absolute diamonds every one of them couldn’t thank or praise them enough. So there’s my experience of the tyrone fans and people .defo can’t to play up there again


Great post @mrpogue - found the Tyrone people great as usual - we got plenty of ‘Welcome to Tyrone’ off people passing by.


Pretty grim reading all right.


Well glad to hear that. Doesn’t matter what ground I go to or the rivalry - most fans are very decent.


Oh yes…see you now.

Amazing the things you wear to keep yourself on the right side of the in-laws.


Glad you made it back in one piece!!

Keyboard warriors are quick to slate opposing supporters, tarring them all with the one brush. Delighted to hear the positive tones about your experience with Tyrone Gaels and would be surprised if this kind of experience regularly goes unreported with other county Gaels, including Dublin!!!,


Sorry Daller, I am just a little less proud to be a Dub then I was prior to seeing it. But it takes all sorts I guess.


Just on that theme…

It’s great that fans get on despite the intense rivalry. At least most of the time.

Last year we passed a bunch of dubs at the lights at the Auld Triangle and one of them gave the young lad a thumbs up - probably after seeing he was afraid.

Yesterday both sets of fans drank together in Main Street and as far as I know…it was good natured.

Or even Kerry when they finally got revenge on Tyrone in the C’ship down in Killarney in 2012…their fans applauded the Tyrone team bus as it pulled away.


I did see you’s at the side of the road with the flat and offered assistance but fair play to all the people of tyrone for helpin out, I must add to that about the people of tyrone they were all sound and genuine and would really go out of their way to help anyone. fair play


Not forgetting the high quality laundered diesel at lo-lo prices.

It’s the best there is…and much better than Rufus’s lot in S. Armagh produce.


Now now Daller, The Armagh produce has lots of satisfied clients.


It’s just a pity that so many of their plants have been raided !

And I want to add that I had nothing to do with calling Customs & Excise on their free phone number and claiming the reward.


there’ll be a few clowns everywhere with the majority being sound. it doesnt matter if its omagh, salthill or killarney. now can we get back to the football? is there anywhere to watch this back?


Yeah thanks for that do appreciate it


Sorry…thought this was the Customs and Excise tout line.

Wrong forum.


they’re raiding plants as far south as lusk now daller believe it or not? there won’t be an engine in ireland that works right.


A special mention must go to the Tyrone lady who was at the table next to us in Top of the Town after the match. She popped into the nearby Pizzeria and brought a pizza back in for us. Although I think dcr scoffed most of it :slight_smile:


I’ll tan their oily Lusk hides for cashing in on my territory !!

No self-respecting smuggler can tolerate this.

I’m off to do some sabotage work here.

Ps thanks for the tip.


Great to see Molly Malone on way in to the ground there was que of people waiting to get snap and ring her bell


I’d say molly’s bell is well rang