2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


I think that sometimes Dublin fans are way too harsh on Stephen Cluxton. As obvious as it may sound, it is never simply an issue of hitting a ball from one spot directly to another spot where there is an unmarked player who makes a clean catch.

Sometimes weather conditions impact, players not following the game plan, players out of position, players being marked by better players, players not being marked by the player who they expected to be and once the majority of balls leaves the keepers foot it is essentially a 50/50 given the speed that players move at these days. Just look at the distance Howard had to cover to catch one of the kicks yesterday and the controlled movement of others to make that plan work out.

Cluxtons percentages are up there with anyone. One of the best keepers ever to play the game.


Ah I get you now. No, we ended up taking the usual route, made good time and we’re in Sally’s for the Donegal game. Popped in to the Top of the Town for a few before heading into Healy Park. Good craic with the locals as usual, mad to talk football and no bullshit.

Great atmosphere during the game, a few little exchanges among supporters as various digs were thrown and bad decisions went one way or the other but all in good spirits.

@Rufus_T_Firefly As you say, most fans would prefer to see more games on the road - I think it’s one of the main reasons a lot of fans prefer the league to the championship - but unfortunately I think the shitehawkery masquerading as social justice/ social media mouthpiece element to the whole discussion has naturally raised the heckles of most Dubs.


Just on a lighter note
I was behind the Dublin goal when the lads came out pre match
No screen nets up
A man would need a tin helmet to avoid a serous smack on the head
All in all a really enjoyable night on the road
Puts to bed the notion of take Dublin out of CP
and they are vulnerable

Makes me laugh
It’s not so long ago that teams were licking their lips at the thought of playing us in CP, in no small measure due to the journos hype up of Dublin
Anyway those days are gone, but not forgotten


No ball boy feeding him a ball either . Time for Tyrone to regroup. They also made at least 3 substitutions when he was taking a kick out. Deliberate tactic.


And as they are granted their wish and we play more and more games away from Croker and continue to beat them I await the inevitable cries of “…But we never get to play in Croker” be careful what you wish for / moan about!!


Just as you say that I do remember in the last 5 minutes one of the Tyrone ball boys ( had a Tyrone jersey on) removing one of the balls and walking back towards the right of Stephens goal
There was however one ball still left
Though at the time it was a deliberate tactic pre planned and sneaky


The hardcore support will be there as usual while the rest will be getting their outrage ready for semi-final ticket.

I’d love to play the Rossies in Parnell just for the novelty factor.


They always want to have a shot at us, always believe they are rightfully better and rightfully the best. It’s only a matter of time before they sweep us away to start yet another spell of dominance. All that young talent…tell you what though, if they lose today, the doubts are going to start to really seep in. The prospect of the appalling vista, that even with all that talent and expectation and tradition and ambition etc etc it is actually conceivable that they won’t just take over again in the near future…


So if Kerry win today , all will be alright in the world ?


The important stuff is that Dublin have won their group and it is up to the others to play a tactical game to see if they can avoid us!


Hope Jim gives the likes of Flynner a start the next day as well as CC.This should be used as a training exercise .


Just with the media, I’m sure Jim and the players will treat all their opponents with respect.


Job done last night and still a lot to work on with plenty to improve on.
Still need to be more clinical up front and need to get our shooters on the ball when in the shooting zone and I think we need to see Paddy Andrews
To beat us teams are going to need to get goals and the last two game we haven’t had one effort against us.

Also great to see such a big Dublin crowd and we must have outnumbered them by at least 4:1.


Red actually…(for the day just!)


I think our shooters are on the ball but the natural instinct to shot seems to have been driven out of them


That is horrible ignorant stuff. Ye should be ashamed of yourselves.


U14 team trip to Omagh?


Jesus, I would expect better from U14s!


Great craic and chat with tyrone supporters during the game very complimentary towards the dubs. Unfortunately when we went back to the car someone had left a few pint glasses on the windscreen when we went to drive off we found out there was a slash in the back tyre and we’d no spare foolish I know


Sorry to hear that.

I’m tempted to say no proper fan would do that…but that’s just low life stuff.

If it was Tyrone fans, rest assured they don’t represent the majority. That’s a bad action.

Edit: got to say we been down to Dublin lots of times and even after 05 and 08 we got no bad manners.