2018 Super 8’s, Tyrone v Dublin, 21st July, Healy Park, 7pm (SKY)


You know them boys Liam there will always be some excuse…


I take your point but to people like me who never miss a game it is the same distance and cost to those game regardless of the competition they are played in. If it means nothing then I’m sure that the usual moaning suspects wouldn’t object if we played them all in Croke Park!

I love away games and wish we had more.


Yes, still happening but it was only three or four of them. The funny thing was that one of the Dublin lads talking back to them had actually served time in Portlaoise a s a Provo.

The vast majority of the Tyrone fans were sound as they always are.


There you go…


I know you really love Kerry there JJF…right up with loving Aido!


One worrying aspect from last night for me was Clucko’s form. It wasn’t only at the end of the game that he had some poor kick outs or more correctly poor kick out choice. All the way through the game Howard, Fenton and Con bailed him out on some poorly directed kicks by either clearly winning it or creating a second ball opportunity that Dublin won. I don’t know whether it was by direction or not but the amount of times he had McCaffrey, Murchan or O’Sullivan free short and chose to ignore them was worrying, especially in the last 15. If not I can only assume that because Coldrick was being very lenient on the physical stuff he was concerned about a turn over close in.
It has already been mentioned about Jamesy having an uncharacteristic error strewn game and how good our backs where. I thought Deano was our best forward last night not just his free taking but his general play and for me Howard MOTM.


Don’t mind Aido, can’t fecking stand the sight of kerry, to many bad memories.


I think Declan bogue described it well when he said ‘bringing football to the people’.

Dublin would cause a sell out at the to Athletics Ground if they drew Armagh.

Personally I think Dublin home games should be in Parnell Park (not sure of capacity but in the same article Declan Bonner reckoned it need upgraded for this)

As BigP predicted a few days ago…with Dublin through and Roscommon eliminated…how many will turn up to CP for the last game?


Well last decade there was serious rivalry and bad feeling…but that’s mostly gone away (largely after Kerry got their revenge)!

But after seeing them against Galway…I’m either thinking the pundits got it totally wrong…or else they just had a bad day and we’ll see the true Kerry today.

Still…c’mom Monaghan!


Regardless of anything I would love this game to be in Parnell.


MH made that decision, full stop. Sky may ( or may not) have asked for it to narrowed but the final word rested with MH.


Well…with that authoritive conclusion it must surely be true then!


True or false, advantage or no, it’s Harte’s fault.


Hope all the begrudgers finally acknowledge the greatness of this team. They will play on any pitch even if it’s jumpers for goalposts !


I like your logic TL !

Ps did you drive go through Omagh or take-off at Foyle Meats for the game?


Well there’s no bedrudgment from me.

And that’s the truth.

No denying how superb these Dublin players are.


How do you mean?


I heard the piece from his interview on Newstalk earlier, he said Sky requested it, the Omagh club asked him and he said fine, no problem, work away.

The pitch was still within the permitted width and we won regardless, so I can’t see what all the fuss is about.


Sorry I thought you were going to the game via the shortcut mentioned on the ‘Going to Omagh’ thread.

Must be the sun stroke on my part…


Howard is from Raheny
Murchan from na Fianna ( not 100% so open to correction)