2018 SFC - Ulster Championship




Fermanagh have very little chance of winning.


That’s what we all said this morning too.


True, I didn’t see the game so I’ll have to see the highlights later on in the week.


I think they have a decent chance, Donegal still very vulnerable, and Down nothing special at all.


Unfortunately it’s creeping into Gaelic games


Best keeper in the country poor under that high ball today .


One point from play from the starting 6 forwards! Two points from the full back! No score from the best keeper in Ireland. People applaud Fermanagh …

Thank God for the Dubs …


Malachy O’Rourke is too cautious as manager and never seems to have plan B. Should have put Kieran Hughes in a full forward when dominating in second half


Aye @Stato82 but when you have a player of McManus calibre you always expect he will come good. Even that last attempt would be over the bar 9/10 times. I thought they played really well in the League and are more expansive but it’s hard to deal with 2011 Donegal stuff like Fermanagh pulled today. That said - you are right you have to change to deal with it. But no scores from McCarron, Ward or either Hughes tells a tale.


Wouldn’t have thought Down have much chance either???


After beating Tyrone some Monaghon players defiantly took Fermanagh for granted. Their intensity was nowhere near what they had for Tyrone game.


Very impressed with them in league as well. Thought they had the bench this year too as had Colin Walshe, Conor McCarthy, Eoin Duffy,Neil McAdam,Dermot Malone,Shane Carey and Conor Boyle on the sideline


Everybody has a blip .Its not like Monaghan are out of the championship. Theyll learn alot from today . And tbf they were scuppered by a sepeculative high ball & sucker punch goal .
They were running down the clock before it happened . And could have won with alot of their top players not performing .


McAdam didn’t feature at all so presume he is injured? Malachy O was sitting behind me at the League final and I spoke to him on the way out and he was hugely impressed with Dublin in the last period when down a man. Monaghan beat us the previous week, followed by an excellent victory over Tyrone but then the wheels come off. Just shows how hard it is to be consistent … like we are.


It will certainly quell the hype. They already know they can win Ulster (though with higher ambitions they would have wanted to win it with a bit to spare and/or in a more expansive style). Biggest problem is lasting the distance, they need a lucky draw because apart from the risk of getting knocked out if they have to empty the tank just to reach the Super 8s, by the time they start that they will struggle to have the squad strength in depth.


History had showed that Monaghan don’t recover very well after Ulster exits . This will hit them hard.


100% and as I alluded to earlier.

I did not see that defeat coming, just as I could not see Down beating them last year. Real similarities I felt yesterday to that defeat. To be shocked like that once could be considered hard luck - twice begins to look like carelessness and an underlying issue.


They didn’t exactly set the championship on fire after winning Ulster those two times either…
I think the point is more that every year we think and the media thinks Monaghan have pushed on a bit, the big question is have they? Is it just a matter of consistency?


Fermanagh got in Monaghans faces and put them off their game. Tone was set right from Rory Beggans first free - pre-game on BBC they talked about how well he had been hitting them in the warmup. Fermanagh employed a lot of distraction tactics for his first free, cynical, but they worked, and nervousness spread right throughout the monaghan team.

Re McManus - in the incident referred to where he got dragged round he brought it on himself by grabbing and hanging onto the two lads jerseys - cullen just dragged him away and tossed mccarron for good measure.

It may not be easy to watch, but when you’re invested in the game its fascinating, and I’d much rather watch that than the cakewalks in Munster and Connacht yesterday. Fermanaghs defensive work was top drawer. I didn’t expect anything out of yesterdays game, was very pleasantly surprised, and it will the same for the final. Having the chance to win our first ulster title will be priceless, and if we get over that line we certainly will take pride in how we did it no matter what anyone else says.

Rory made all the right calls yest (apart from using all the subs so we had to play the last 5min with 14 men after a late black card) card) - incl on Seamie Quigley, but hopefully we get him back out for the final.

I hope too Monaghan do regroup and go on a good run - they’ve certainly plenty to add to the summer yet.