2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


Thank god there’s a hurling match on now. After sitting through that dross in Omagh there’s been more excitement and skill in the first 6 minutes and 7 scores!


Donegal will probably win Ulster now and there doing it by playing attacking football. Bravo to them! This will benefit them years down the road not the media will see that right now. If Down win it will be there 1st Ulster title in forever.


The football is dreadful to watch this year but in fairness there’s been plenty of drama and upsets so far this year. In that respect it’s been a good championship so far


Keeping the Tyrone end of things up. :rofl:


Unfortunately those games bar Carlow v Kildare only get 2 min highlights each.


Loads of people in fav of doing away with the prov champos, and I understand why, but try tell it to Fermanagh or Carlow, they have shown what knock out football can do. They may get hammered in their next match, but fermanagh are in an Ulster final and Carlow one step away, neither county get to be in games like that frequently.


He has form for this. He ran into Cluxton last year in league and went down clutching face. A similar incident happened with David Byrne in league when they went ahead in this year league game. Must of picked up all that from days playing with St Pats Ath.


Don t think he played for Pats , he was with Monaghan utd in his schoolboy days alright.


Ya gotta love championship! Wouldn’t be surprised if Down bate Donegal now. Rufus or anyone, how does it stand with that particular rivalry?
Ricey looks like Georgey Best. I’ve alot of respect for Monaghan but it’s great everytime a burgeoning media darling team let’s some of the more insufferable pundits down flat on their face.


It was by no means pleasing on the eye, but I found it fascinating. You could see too Ricey’s stamp on thie Fermanagh team with the way McManus reacted to the goading after a bad miss. Fair play though - making the maximum amount from the meagre resources they have. I didn’t see that result coming. Would love to see them win it. Will be very interesting to see how Monaghan come back in the qualifiers. They have a tendency in recent years to blow it big time.

Don’t think there’s a great deal of history there Al - opposite sides of the province, so no local rivalry and major matches between the two aren’t that frequent - Donegal won their second title in 74, beating Down in a replay and I think Down comfortably took Donegal in the 91 Ulster Final on their way to the All Ireland.

I’d have Donegal as warm favourites…just like Monaghan today!!! :open_mouth:


Has today’s result boosted the mood in Armagh? It puts the loss to Fermanagh in a better light.


No score by mcmanus from play? If the bookies did a market for that you’d have got a nice price I’d say. Very surprised Monaghan were so poorly prepared for a blanket defence. As much critisicm as there is for it, Fermanagh deserves the plaudits, they simply don’t have the personel to play any other way


Good question!!.

Funny, there’s a few discussing this at the moment. I’m not sure it does to be honesst. I think the poverty of our play the last day out was utterly depressing for our supporters. A defeat next Saturday in Mullingar will start a very lively debate.





Neantherdal football. No wonder Arlene approves.


McManus looked seriously intimidated all game. Nowhere near his own standards. Bit of a shock to see him miss so much. So used to win ball , turn man, score point. Ricey’s fingerprints all over him today.


Hate to see that kind of stuff.

Btw where is @upthedall these days??? Really hope all is ok.


BBC discussing it after the game and saying it needs to be stopped and were complaining that McManus received a yellow for the incident too. About time somebody on tv said it. Suppose it would have to happen to a non Dub before it’s mentioned


And if Fermanagh win it will be there 1st Ulster title ever…
One of only two counties to never win a provincial title!