2018 SFC - Ulster Championship


Indeed. Given the weather they would be far better employed as ice cream cones.


No chance - they’d be devoured!





Donegal hugely impressive so far this year, three big scores put up and no fuss about them. Expect them to be in the last 4 and a live threat


Niblocks commentary is odd too. Like it would be (just about) fine to say a team was seeping forward, but he said it about an individual player…and he just gets all the little sayings slightly wrong, like a shot going ‘over between the sticks…’. It sounds a little unnatural. Having said that BBC coverage (when they have the full game live) has been head and shoulders above rte


Down put in a few dirty enough hits - i don’t think its cynicism they were lacking in, more a clue about how they should be set up. I don’t think I’ve seen kickouts as bad as that at any level. I’ve often seen balls hit to the middle won by the other, dominant team, but in this case they were trying to work them, but being off, they were going to the free donegal man rather than the free down one.

Donegal were great, but down really were atrocious. Donegal big favourites for the final and rightly so, but you never know - fermanagh should put up a better fight than that at least, even if its no easier watched!


That was disgraceful from McGee. He’d 4 or 5 goes at the lads back. Could have done him serious damage there. No excuses for that


Yet Whelan on STG didnt think he meant it . It was clearly intentional.


There could be an argument for that if he fell into him once. I counted at least 5 times he went at him with the knee in both the ribs and the lower back. Shocking carry on


It wasn’t pretty, but I think its a little dramatic to say he could have done serious damage. No real power or malice in any of them. I think that what CW was getting at on the Sunday Game. Was rightly sent off, but serious damage ? Lets not be soccer fans.
Ive been on the receiving end and its frustrating and you feel them alright but its no different than getting a cheeky jab in the ribs, the intention is to rattle, not do serious damage. Exact same as the JC tackle against Longford that Joe.ie wouldn’t shut up about. Not condoning any of it, but lets not get soft all of a sudden !


I agree - I was surprised to see the straight red, especially given there was the option, and same effect, for a second yellow. It sounds worse than it was.

Still, they better not overturn the ban for the final!!


Whelo of all people should know the damage a knee to the lower back can do considering it was him involved in the accidental clash with Darren Homan that ended his career. It absolutely can cause serious damage.


I would imagine copping a knee in the back from 15/16 stone of Whelo flying in the air at full tilt would pose a fair bit more of a threat than a few petulant bumps of a knee from a static player would.Evidently actually, as one player never played IC football again, and one got a few darts of the oul magic ice spray and went onto kick a couple of points in the same game


Yes he was fine and carried on which is why I said could have caused serious injury


Mad as it may sound will we discuss Donegal and Fermanagh here rather than the Connacht thread?


I thought they were in Connaught?

I think Fermagh have a chance because Donegal are vulnerable, and winning Ulster means less to them now than it does to the Fermy Army. But a hot day with little wind suits Donegal so I’ll go with them anyway



They should be told to sit on their arses. Thuggery of the highest magnitude.
No time for that kind of horseshit. It shouldn’t matter a shite what county was involved.
If they want to go boxing there’s plenty of clubs for that.


Be some party if Fermanagh do it - here’s hoping!


Best of luck!